Creative Ways to Use Lighting In and Around the Home

ChandelierWe’re all aware of the various types of lighting used on a daily basis for practical purposes in and around our homes. However, lighting can be used for aesthetic and creative purposes too, lending your home an attractive quality that makes it stand out and seem more appealing.

Here are some ideas on to get started in the creative use of lighting in your house and garden.

Use of small lights to create a path

When used in conjunction with a stone or gravel walkway, unobtrusive low-profile lights can be used to create or illuminate existing paths through your driveway or back garden. Whilst this serves to make your house more attractive, it also has a more practical purpose of steering visitors towards the front door or leading people around potential hazards in the dark.

Embedding lights in the groundNight House 2

It’s easy to embed lighting tiles or rocks with lights hidden inside to enhance gardens and highlight ornamental statues and features or other aspects of your home. They also serve to illuminate dark areas and the boundaries of your property. This inventive trick can add a surprise twist to an otherwise ordinary garden at night.

Wall lights — Accent lighting

Inside the home, wall accent lighting has seen increased popularity in the last decade. When people want an effective yet unobtrusive light source, certain types of wall lighting can provide up-lit accents that shine upwards and serve to make the room brighter by illuminating the ceiling. This can also have the effect of making the room seem larger than it actually is.

Wall lighting is also ideal for smaller hallways or living rooms and can provide a modern alternative to the traditional table lamp.

Chandelier lighting in the home

It might be over the top for some smaller settings, but in the right location a chandelier can provide an exquisite atmosphere to a room. In the larger living or dining area, glass and crystal droplets refract light, giving out a sparkling radiance that is unmatched by simpler lighting arrangements. However, in most people’s homes this addition is likely to make the room seem too ostentatious.

Use of LED LightingPurple Pills Of SXC

Since the sixties, LEDs have been used for a variety of applications, such as circuitry and control boards. The eighties saw a change in attitude as they began to be used as a style object, which is a role that they still fulfil. With modern dimmers and shades, LEDs can be a stylish and modern alternative to traditional lighting solutions and they are extremely energy-efficient. You’ll find many fun and creative ways to use LEDs around the home.

The most creative use of lighting is accent lighting. This is not usually for functional purposes but used to create focus and atmosphere in a space. You may wish to highlight a fireplace, display area or alcove — any area of particular interest. Remember that you should be able to alter the light setting in a room, so when you require a higher overall level of lighting, such as when friends and family and visiting, you can adjust the ambient light levels too.

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  1. December 19, 2016 / 9:23 pm

    Using small lights to create a path is a great idea. I love the ideas here! Thanks for sharing.

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