Ghoulish Girls and Creepy Chaps – Choosing Halloween Outfits

At this time of year people are often stuck in the negative feeling associated with the end of summer, going back to school and the dark nights; but October has plenty to celebrate. It’s a time for making the most of what we have available to us and Halloween is the perfect opportunity.

Ghosts walking around the village or town knocking on doors and asking for sweets to avoid a ghoulish trick can be great fun for kids, but there comes a time when you get a bit too old for that. You certainly can’t go knocking on doors asking for sweets at the age of 30! Instead, it’s time to organize or attend a Halloween party, getting dressed up in creepy costumes like Halloween-themed Morphsuits or taking the bed sheets with eye holes one step further…

Ghoulish GirlsChoosing a Halloween costume is all about making an impact, and standing out from the crowd without necessarily becoming the one everybody is talking about, (unless it’s because of your incredible costume of course). You need to take a number of factors into consideration, starting with what everyone else is likely to be wearing.

You always get people turning up dressed as ghosts and witches or nurses covered in blood, so think outside the box. A Morphsuit, to use the earlier example, is a great idea in this respect because you can still wear a traditional Halloween-themed outfit, just with a modern twist for 2013.

Another important consideration is when you go in search of your costume, and when you make your booking or purchase. The closer you get to Halloween, a bit like Christmas shopping, the less there is to choose from because stores have already sold out due to high demand and you could be left with a clown outfit when you really want a zombie, for example. Give yourself plenty of time to search online or go down to a fancy dress shop to avoid disappointment – but be quick!

Next, and on the same note, make sure that you try on all parts that come with the costume so that you don’t lose any of the effects because certain parts – like hats or boots for instance – are too big.

Also, factor in the weather! At the end of October, you will be walking around in rather chilly conditions – certainly colder than you might have been used to with an “Indian summer” during September. Make sure that you don’t end up shivering as you say ‘trick or treat’ because you wont be able to squirt the silly string if your fingers are too cold to bend!

Here’s a cool video but it’s not for the faint-hearted!



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