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photo (1)Did you know that a recent survey of Mums in the UK found that nearly three quarters of us treat our children to a soft play day because it is high-energy all-weather entertainment? Bassetts Vitamins do! And they should know because they carried out the survey.

They asked 1,000 Mums their opinions on the benefit of soft play and asked why they think it is such a positive in their children’s lives. They said that they believed a soft play session burns off excess energy, is a good form of exercise plus it’s fun for Mum (I can testify to that one!). It is also a great meeting place to socialise with friends – both big and small (yep, done that too!).

It also seems to work up and an appetite for food and sleep too with 60% of Mums saying that their children are more likely to eat their dinner and sleep better that night.

Skye Symes, the Brand Manager at Bassetts Soft and Chewy Vitamins says:

Mums have told us they want their kids to be healthy and active so that they can enjoy school. That’s why we decided to make Mums’ lives a little bit easier with free soft play sessions on every promotional pack. With so many Mums valuing the time they have at soft play and the kids enjoying it even more – its a win-win for everyone.

At the moment, there are special promotional packs of Soft and Chewy Vitamins from Bassetts offering a free soft play session in a centre somewhere near you. There are nearly 200 centres in the UK taking part in the promotion.

We were sent two promotional packs of the Vitamins, one in orange flavour, the other strawberry, and Grace is having one day without any fuss at all. She is also looking forward to making use of the soft play promotion – and so are Ross and I! Visit find out more.

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