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garden 10It’s hard to believe that the summer holidays ever existed now…they are but a memory. But boy did we have some good ones this year!

Toward the end of August, the lovely people at Find Me A Gift offered us the opportunity to review something from their site. We decided that now we have a slightly bigger garden we’d opt for some gardening gifts.

The first item we chose was this beautiful butterfly house and feeder. We really did notice the sheer amount of butterflies around this summer and we wanted something which would attract them to our garden even more.  It has a special removable tray at the front which is brightly coloured and designed to mimic flowers and places where the butterflies would find nectar. You fill this with sugar water or fruit. It is made of wood from sustainable sources and painted in UV paint to help to attract not just butterflies but moths and bees too. It is also a place where butterflies or moths can hibernate during the winter months. The company who make these are really doing their bit for the environment because, as well as the sustainable wood, the packaging is from recycled cardboard. With a quarter of Britain’s butterflies species declining by 50% we felt that this was something really worthwhile to have in our 7

The other gift we chose was a child’s gardening set – which of course had to be in pink! Grace had shown her enthusiasm about helping me in the garden so this would be another worthwhile order. The set includes a small bag which holds a pink bucket, some gardening gloves, a fork, a trowel and two wooden markers in the shape of a rabbit and a butterfly.

We decided to nail the butterfly house to our rear fence. It is in a lovely sunny spot and in a place where we can see it from our conservatory. We placed some apple and sweet water in the tray. The butterflies were a little shy to try it out with us hanging around but the food soon disappeared!

garden 8Then we got on to planting some flowers in our planters in front of the house. Grace had a wonderful time filling the planters up with compost and then making a hole for each plant with her trowel. Wearing her gardening gloves meant less mess too.

I would thoroughly recommend both items which have added something to our gardening time together and will continue to do so over the next few years at least!

With thanks to the Find Me A Gift Company who provided us with both items to keep for the purpose of this review.

garden 5

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  1. October 4, 2013 / 12:22 pm

    Great to see you now have a little helper in the garden! A great gift idea for children!

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