Fun Packed Lunch Ideas for Children

Healthy SandwichThe kids are back in school… finally! There are so many things to sort out aren’t there? Buying uniforms, pencil cases, making sure they have the right shoes, bags and blazer, stitching name labels to everything – the list really could go on forever. You also have to choose what your child will eat while in school. School dinners are convenient and save you some time preparing dinners. However, there are many reasons why you may prefer to send a packed lunch, whether the reason is that you have a picky eater, you are looking to save money, or you have a child with a food allergy. Some parents also like to keep an eye on what their child is eating, which they can do when sending a pack-up. Trying to provide a variety of meals and foods for your child can be difficult, but we have some dazzling ideas that will keep your child enjoying their lovely dinners while fulfilling your desire to provide them with lunch from home.

Quinoa or Bulgar Wheat Salads

Quinoa and bulgar wheat are grains which are an excellent source of nutrition and they can be combined with many exciting ingredients to create a delicious child-friendly meal. Try chopping 40g of chorizo, 1/3 of a courgette, one red pepper, a yellow pepper and a large pinch off fresh coriander. Fry off these ingredients in a light oil, and add to one cup of your chosen grain, which has been cooked in vegetable stock. Add a dash of balsamic vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice for a delicious Mediterranean-inspired salad.

Fruit kebabs

Fresh fruit doesn’t last very long once it has been cut, but if you have time each morning you can prepare a yummy fruit kebab with melon, strawberry, kiwi, banana, or any of child’s favourite fruits. A good way to keep it fresh would be to freeze it the night before so it stays as cool as possible when left in a lunchbox all day, and if it hasn’t fully defrosted by lunch time, it makes a refreshing ice-lolly-style snack.

Burger-style Triple-Decker Sandwiches

Sandwiches are convenient, but spice them up as a triple decker, using either three slices of bread, or a big thick bun, cut in three slices, or two buns sliced in half, then take two bottoms halves and one top half for your sandwich. You can put whatever you want in the fulfilling, using the same for both the two layer and the bottom layer, or by mixing and matching the two layers to find an unusual yet delicious combo. A naughty treat could be to pop Nutella in the top and peanut butter in the bottom, where a healthier choice could be to have ham and lettuce in the bottom and pease pudding with cucumber in the top. Let your child help you design the perfect sandwich.

Swap crisps out…

And put nuts, Bombay mix, or another type of snack in their place. Crisps can be very high in fat whereas nuts or dried fruit can by much healthier and may even release energy more slowly so as to keep your child alert for as long as possible during the afternoon.


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This article was written on behalf of Galt Toys. Galt Toys have 175 years’ experience in toys and education. Galt know a thing or two about designing toys & craft activities to encourage children to learn through play…and also have fun!

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  2. September 18, 2013 / 1:17 pm

    Mmm! Yum! The Fruit kebabs & Triple-Decker Sandwiches sound fab!!
    At my girls school they are not allowed to take nuts in their lunch boxes because of kids with nut allergies!
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  3. September 18, 2013 / 12:01 pm

    You’d need to take the nuts and peanut buter out of the equation, I don’t think they would be allowed in a school lunchbox 🙂 and kebabs with a pointed stick 😉
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