How to do Halloween with Fancy Dress Ball

Anyone who knows me knows I like a bit of drama and dressing up! So when Halloween creeps up on us I have to admit that I tend to forget!! Although this year I have had a timely reminder from the very fab site Fancy Dress Ball so I am hoping to be much more organised and ensure that Grace is catered for as well as Ross and I.

The first way to get organised it to pick a theme and there are plenty choose from there Halloween stock as well. At the moment Grace is loving the Zombie theme and spends much of her time ‘Zombie Hunting’ when we go out for a walk! So I think we already know the theme we would pick for this year 🙂

I’ve found probably one of the scariest costumes EVER..  this is so scary plus they do a female version to go with it – so that’s me and Ross sorted! Then there are some fantastic kids costumes too including this one which would go perfectly with some Zombie make up.

So, with the theme chosen, we now need to decide on some music. Of course there is Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ along with ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ as well as ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ and ‘Werewolves of London’.

With Halloween falling on a Thursday, it might be an idea to set your party on the following day to prevent any late night revelling on a week day night! With Facebook being so easy to use then it may be an idea to form an event and invite people electronically. This will save on paper and postage and means that people can respond easily too!

To help set the tone of the evening you could also show a Halloween-themed movie in the background too. Something family friendly such as The Addams Family would be a great addition and for party food, there are plenty of Pinterest boards with loads of creepy themed ideas out there.

Of course you will get the odd party pooper who decide that it is ‘not cool’ to get dressed up! Why not incentivise them by telling them that Fancy Dress Ball have a competition each month on their Facebook page? They could win £50 cash or even £75 worth of fancy dress vouchers – after all, they would need to be prepared for the fancy dress party you are going to throw on New Year’s Eve!

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