10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It’s the night of the Halloween party and you have no costume. A lack of ideas, a lack of time, a lack of commitment can be the main reasons why you are going to have to be the only person at the party that is not dressed in a truly horrifying way. Now is the time to make a frantic dash around the home or to a local store that will help you in your bid to make a very last minute costume that can in some way represent Halloween and allow you to save face at the party.

Costumes4less are never a bad idea, in fact leaving the costume to the last minute will allow you to save time and money on something that will only ever be worn once… who wants to spend all of their time designing an outfit for just an evening? Some of the best costumes are created last minute as inspiration so often strikes when we are at our most stressed, just in case it doesn’t, there are a few old favourites in terms of Halloween style that can be thrown together in no time.

1.     The Witches Cat

A black cat is the very heart of Halloween and you are guaranteed to come across at least one other cat costume. It is also the easiest to create, whiskers, a coloured in nose, a black outfit and if you are feeling really creative a sock turned into a tail and some cardboard turned into ears and you are the perfectly haunting black cat.

2.     The Ghoulish Ghost

This is by far the easiest costume, all you need is a white sheet large enough to cover you, make two holes for your eyes and your costume is complete.

3.     A Perfect Pumpkin

An orange t-shirt, dress, etc. a black marker pen to draw on a typical idea of a pumpkins face and there you have it. One of the key additions to Halloween and all made within 10 minutes.

4.     The Wicked Witch

A witch is another popular costume. Most people have a black dress and some sort of broom or brush, add some haunting make up (including a wart) and bedraggled hair and your set!

5.     A Random Road

An all black outfit with masking tape running the length of your body and you have become a road. A stuffed animal can easily become road kill. Simple, effective and very unusual.

6.     Add a Bit of Blood…

Adding fake blood can turn you into normal person to Halloween horror instantly. You can become a murder victim, zombie, walking dead, whatever you want to call it. You can even wear your normal clothes.

7.     Grotesque Grapes

This isn’t a typical Halloween costume but is different none the less. Red, purple or green balloons stuck to you in a cluster and before you know it you are a bunch of grapes.

8.     Moaning Mummy

One of the oldest classics, adding and wrapping some toilet roll which we all have (hopefully) turns you into a Halloween monster in no time at all.

9.     Daring Devil

We all have a devil inside us and we can unleash it at Halloween with a red ensemble, a pitchfork and definitely some horns. A devilish attitude is the perfect finishing touch.

10.Computer Geek

If all else fails and you have nothing in the home or no time to create anything then add a sign to yourself, which says “401 error” referring to a computer error. Everyone will understand it and at least some effort has been made!


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