Yum, Scrum, No Big Tum! A review of Walkers Mighty Lights.

Yum, Scrum, No Big Tum! A review of Walkers Mighty Lights.

Along with many other bloggers last week, a large box of Mighty Lights from was kindly given to us by Walkers Crisps via Mr Postman. It was a very timely delivery as we had just come back from a long weekend away and had nothing in the house (as tends to be the case when you haven’t been at home!).

We were sent three different bags of Multi packs containing 6 bags of flavoursome ridged crisps. There were lightly salted (Ross’ favourites – and mine!), Roast Chicken (Grace’s favourites – and mine!) and Cheese and Onion (no ones favourites – but mine!). We put them to the test as our morning snack and they were an instant hit.

As a Mum you are constantly worrying. One of the things included in that fretting is what to put in your kids lunch boxes to ensure that they get the right nutrients and don’t eat too much. However Walkers have put my mind at rest with this:

NEW Walkers Mighty Lights ridged crisps are tasty yet light with 30% less fat*. Made from real potato with no artificial colours or preservatives and no MSG, they’re perfect for little lunches.Whether you choose a packet of Cheese & Onion, Lightly Salted or Roast Chicken flavour, pack a tasty punch with a bag of Walkers Mighty Lights in your kids’ lunchbox!

So, what did Grace say? Her comment ‘I think they are excellent because they taste nice and you won’t get fat!’ My thoughts? They are tasty and don’t have the ‘greasy’ texture that come with some bags of crisps. Ross’ thoughts? *crunch*!!

I have to say that these are one of the better low fat crisps on the market. Some can either be really thin or taste like cardboard! I can’t really pick a favourite because they are all yummy but I have to say that the bonus about the lightly salted is that you can have them with a dip – especially as the ridges hold more in 😉 – and you can do this with less guilt factor involved as they are 30% less fat :). My particular favourite is garlic and herb dip.

There are many other nutritional values to these crisps. They are all suitable for vegetarians – yes, even the roast chicken flavour! They all have fibre to help our stomachs. There are no nuts or seeds and aren’t made in a factory where there is a possibility they could mistakenly land up in your crisps! They are gluten free BUT they are made in a factory that handles wheat, gluten and barley, just to make you aware.

With school starting in a couple of weeks. Walkers seem to have solved one of my dilemmas about which crisps to give Grace (if any!) and I can send a pack in her lunch box without worrying that I am giving her the wrong thing.

Walkers Might Lights are available at all major grocery outlets and if you would like to find out more about what they have to say then please tootle off to their website www.walkersmightylights.co.uk

I’ll leave the last word…or should I say photo….with Grace:


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