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I was recently offered the chance to review the services from the latest photography company to grace the market – Snapbox UK.  This company allow you to ‘free your photos from the confines of your mobile devices’ and turn them into permanent prints to keep forever.

I knew exactly which photo I was going to choose and wanted to make it a gift for Ross’ upcoming birthday. As some of you know, Ross recently had his biography with WWE wrestler Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly published and I wanted to get something as a permanent fixture for him to keep on his wall as a reminder.  For a while I’ve been carrying a photo of the cover of the book around on my phone – but it is of no real use there. We need something to show it off a bit more! So this is the photo I decided to upload on to Snapbox and chose this as a print for a gift for Ross’ birthday.

Use of the site is quick, easy and fuss-free – as is their delivery time and service. The picture was well-packaged to insure against any damage.

Snapbox has done their research:

New research reveals that over a third of Brits (36 per cent) have lost valuable photos after relying on their smartphones to store them. New innovative digital photography service, SnapBox, found this includes ten per cent from dropping their phone down the toilet (4 per cent whilst drunk!) closely followed by eight per cent in the bath.
Clumsy Brits admitted to losing precious memories by dropping and damaging their smartphones (28 per cent), which could be easily avoided if special photos were more regularly printed and displayed in the home. The research highlighted that people have fallen out of love with the tradition of printing and displaying photos in the home with the top reason (19 per cent of respondents) being that they now have far too many photos to choose from, possibly following the surge in daily smartphone photography.
A generational shift was also witnessed, with only eight per cent of 18-24 years olds now displaying their photos in a traditional photo album, compared with 26 per cent of people over the age of 55. These findings suggest the trend for taking photos on smartphones, rather than cameras and displaying snaps on social media has changed the way young people now share and store their memories.

Snapbox offer a number of sizes too:

Showing the edge of the frame

5×5 inches = 12.70cm x 12.70cm

9×9 Inches = 22.86cm x 22.86cm

5×7 Inches = 12.70cm x 17.78cm

8×10 Inches = 20.30cm x 25.40cm

10×13 Inches = 25.40cm x 33.00cm

I am hoping that, in time, they also offer different coloured frames apart from their standard black.

I have to say that I really do rate their service, it’s fast, easy and fuss-free. If only all companies were that efficient. I have no doubt that Ross will love his birthday present tomorrow.

With thanks to Snapbox who provided me with a voucher to order our print.



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