Credit Cards – a Rewarding Experience?

Wallet 1I don’t have a credit card…not any more, and I haven’t for years. I found that I was putting more on than I was able to pay off and, as I got older and had more responsibilities, this seemed to start to get a little out of control.

I remember the first time I got a credit card. I felt so grown up and was extremely careful with it, using it sensibly and didn’t get into any trouble. As the years went by, I had more to pay for and tended to use it without thinking first.  Not long after having Grace, I got rid of the three I had and settled on a figure to pay them off. However, I often wonder how I would handle it if I had my time again. Would I be more responsible, pay it off every month and use it sparingly just for things I need?  Well, you know what? I jolly well would!

Firstly I would go and use a specialist site to compare credit cards and opt for something such as MBNA. This type of card offers 0% interest on balance transfers for 24 months. This would mean that, should I already have a credit card, it would give me an opportunity to catch up on past payments. As well as this, they offer 0% interest on purchases for the first 3 months. This would mean I would also be able to get a head start on anything I buy! Alternatively you could opt for the card which offers you 5.9% on balance transfers for the life of the balance – this would mean you would continuously know where you were for as long as it takes to pay it all off.

I would also choose a reward credit card. My Mum uses a fantastic one which means she often gets vouchers through the post for restaurants on a regular basis. She kindly gave us some recently so we were able to get a free lunch in Bella Italia in Exeter. They are cards which offer other rewards too. You can get vouchers for stores such as Selfridges, Next and Currys or gadgets like vacuum cleaners and home entertainment systems. You can save points for Spa treatments and ‘experience days’ or even save points to get a holiday. There are so many ways to spend money and get a bit more for doing so.

So, would I ever get a credit card again? Very unlikely. But at least I can pass on some valuable advice on to Grace.

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