Start-Rite launches it’s #WalkorDrive Campaign, part of #GBW2S

In two weeks time it will be back to school for many children across the UK – including Grace. This week sees the launch of an new campaign by Start-Rite in the form of  #GBW2S (the Great British Walk to School) to encourage as many parents and children as possible to consider walking part or all the way to school. This week’s subject is #WalkorDrive, a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of the school run.

The video from Start-Rite – available on YouTube and their Facebook page – shows a rather harassed Mum on the school run.  Since our move, it is a relief not to have to do an hour and a half round trip each way to school any more. Instead we have a 10 minute walk down to school (more on the way back as it’s uphill!).

Below is the video – I completely and utterly associate with the last scene as I have also done this on a number of occasions!!


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