Junior Masterchefs: Developing Early Talents

As a parent, there are so many things we want for our children, happiness health, a good future and a life that they are content with. One of the most important aspects is a good career, the ability to be passionate about something that will later provide them with the finer things and a life, which they truly deserve. There are many parents that like to discover talents which their child posses from an early age and encourage them to grow and mould the talent which will shape the rest of their lives. For some it is a sporting skill, an ability to write, or a passion for acting or singing and there are those that take a keen interest in food and love nothing more than baking, cooking and preparing food. Even from a young age, children are encouraged to know where there food comes from and highlight the things that are healthy and nutritious. There is no reason why an interest in cooking and food cannot be encouraged and developed to allow the child more options in terms of a future career.


Even children that choose not to have this as their set career path will always fall back on their cooking abilities and their passion about food. Some of the most famous chefs in the world, such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey began their love of food when they were young and it has served them well throughout life as they are both equally responsible for the food culture that we all enjoy and the new found notoriety and popularity that has come with food.


It is simple to gain your child’s interest in cooking and food, it is a fun activity that can take place from a young age with the child being able to experiment with foods, play with them, touch them feel them and eat things that they possibly wouldn’t encounter on a normal day. Not only does this intensify the skills and interests that are already there but also it will reduce the chances of the child being a fussy eater, which will ultimately have a positive impact on their health. When cooking with your child, show them the different ways that food can be prepared, use different tools and appliances that will encourage children to believe that cooking is fun and cool. Krups parts are varied enough to allow you to experiment in the kitchen and show the child how food is prepared.


Encouraging them to follow recipes and seeing the ingredients as they start and then the end result will enable them to be aware of methods, the importance of following procedures and the fact that everything has an outcome.


There is a slight culture for parents to become pushy and be over encouraging towards their children, as they are keen to be the best that they can be in anything they are passionate about. Cooking is fun and it needs to stay this way in the mind of the child, being over enthusiastic will drain the fun from any activity, be experimental, enjoy the time with your child and allow them to maintain their own interest in cooking and food.

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  1. August 18, 2013 / 12:36 pm

    I love cooking and it really makes me happy when my toddler shows an interest in helping me in the kitchen! If he is keen on it, I’d love to help him hone this skill whether for a future career or not,.
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