The Unruly Style of Shabby Chic

One of the biggest interior design trends relies on the ability to perfectly combine comfort and casual features with the idea of style. Shabby chic has been a long running theme that effortlessly flows within any space and allows the functionality of the room to be maintained whilst adding a much-needed dose of style. Although the theme depends on personal interpretation there are design suggestions that will allow you to perfectly represent the style and allow the theme to fully shine through and create a feeling of relaxed comfort throughout the home.


Relaxing Tones

The ultimate in shabby chic begins with just the right tones that cover the walls, dominate the furniture and are found in the accessories. Soft shades and neutral   colours are the perfect ways to highlight the shabby chic theme and create blank canvases for the furniture and the accessories to carry the basis of the design.


Comfortable and Casual

Comfortably worn furniture is the call for this theme. When furnishing homes in this style, look for the items that scream comfort, practicality, have a classic design with a subtle antique appearance. All the time being mindful of the suggested colour themes and shades. The furniture should not match and be considered as eclectic pieces that incorporate the idea of rustic comfort.


Little Luxuries

The accessories will pull together the theme and allow the idea of shabby chic to be fully embraced and clear within the home. Items such as chandeliers, antiques, candles and mirrors are the little things that will secure the theme and add to each room with practical pieces of eye-catching design done in a unique and personal way, which is the main principle of the theme.


Think Feminine

The style of shabby chic can appear particularly girl and feminine in its style and the items that are included to secure the trend. Soft floral prints and patterns, pastel shades and ornate light fixtures are key looks with small touches like potpourri and fresh and synthetic flowers littered across the home.

Illuminate Your Style

The lighting is the final touch to finalise the shabby chic theme. The soft lighting will radiate throughout different spaces in the room and cause focal points and key features to stand out and dominate the room as subtly as possible. the light fixtures themselves should be ornate and mis-matched to correlate with the rest of the features in the room. More lighting should used in rooms that require high function rather than brighter bulbs. Soft and subtle is the key.

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