The Love of the Hollywood Smile

Celebrities are a main source of inspiration in terms of career, love life, looks, style, fashion… everything. Their every move is followed and scrutinised by the media and us! Celebrity culture has grown and expanded… but it is any different to what it used to be, or is it that we just have greater access to their lives through the use of mobile phones, internet and radio? Whatever the case may be, we are truly envious of their lives, their careers, the way they look and their love lives. Yet the human mind can often take this envy into new realms and encourages imitation.

From a subtle addition of a celebrities style to a full embrace of the way a celebrity looks even down to the assets, we are all in some way influenced by these “famous” people that are appear so regularly within the press and television screens.

The home of celebrities and the land that calls to those desperate for fame and fortune is also the home to specific looks… You may a few. Hollywood is the place that people go to make their fortune, to experience their 15 minutes of fame and transform themselves into “better” people. The look within America is clear, the favoured styles are obvious and the fame seekers more than stand out in the crowds.

Many of the Hollywood residents favour the Barbie doll look. Stereotypical? Maybe… Maybe not. The perfectly tanned skin, the bright blonde hair, the big lips and flawlessly applied make up – Recognise this? Every part of the overall appearance in Hollywood is crucial, whether it’s your skin to your clothes to your smile.

The ‘Hollywood smile’ is the biggest trend to have been created in the area and it has quickly spread to the rest of the world. Perfectly straight, white and good sized teeth are one way of want be actresses gaining the roles, or the job in the diner that sees them through whilst waiting for the big break. Dentists are located all over Hollywood and can offer new teeth in one day with the perfect smile being the end result.

The rest of the world is gradually consuming the ideals that have been established in an appearance-obsessed place like Hollywood. More and more people, celebrities and ordinary members of the public are looking to imitate the image of perfection that is conveyed by society and plastered across the media.

Gone are the days where we rely on make-up, trickery and a good hairstyle to transform us into a creature of perfection, more extreme measures are being taken in the bid for accepted beauty.

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