Is Your Mechanic Shady? 5 Ways To Know

Can you imagine living a day without having reliable car? No? Not many people can. The last thing you want to deal with as you race around town, from your home to the gym and appointments to catching up with friends, is a car that regularly breaks down.

You can be prepared for an unexpected breakdown or accident by first downloading a car crash app, such as Car Accident Report (C.A.R.) or iWrecked, that helpfully guides you through the crash-reporting process. According to Australian Budget Insurance company Budget Direct, C.A.R. and iWrecked can help a stressed driver properly settle a car accident. Secondly, to lessen the stress of a car accident or failure, have a professional mechanic, a reputable and trustworthy expert, who you can quickly count on in times of need.

While researching repair shops and mechanics, look for these five signs that are indicators of an unqualified and financially untrustworthy car technician:

1.   They will not provide you with a written quote for the forthcoming auto service and ask you to sign a blank authorisation form. They also ask if you will be paying cash for the job. Never sign a blank form—ever.

2.    They can’t provide an estimated time for the inspection and repair services. The shop is reluctant to tell you exactly how much the replacement parts that required to complete the job will cost. If they can’t be specific, walk away. Well, actually drive away!

3.   A repair shop that refuses to honour a fixed price car servicing offer, via a letter box drop or local advertising, may not have your best interest at heart. In other words, avoid mechanics who backtrack and explain that your make and model is not eligible for a promoted offer because of the fine print. A reputable business will focus on the needs of the customer.

4.   Auto mechanic shops that do not have any credentials displayed in their workshop is a major red flag. Ask about receipt books or EFTPOS facilities. You shouldn’t be expected to pay cash without any paperwork or a warranty. Ask if they issue a 12 month or 20,000 km warranty. If they backtrack and say those warranties aren’t part of their policy, then be skeptical.

5.   They aggressively push you into having a transmission flush, coolant flush and/or power steering flush. Get a second opinion. The mechanic may be trying to bluff you about your potential repairs. Confusing you about your repairs can also easily lead to an overcharged service. Unfortunately, shady mechanics are very good at bamboozling both men and women about their potential repairs.

Take the proper steps to prepare for an auto accident or car crash, from relying on a mobile app’s emergency speed dial to having an expert mechanic you trust . You’ll reduce the amount of stress you experience and the high probability of being taken advantage of because you’re under pressure and can’t afford to be without a car. Read the owner’s manual, plan ahead, and be prepared as well as find and stick with a great mechanic. You can reduce your expenses and handle the situation with ease.

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  1. August 4, 2013 / 3:48 pm

    Thanks for this helpful blog post. After my car was out of action for the whole of last week, I eventually chose a garage based on personal recommendation from the ‘good garage scheme.’ All worked out fine in the end – fortunately. And it’s good to know who you can trust.
    Izzie Anderton recently posted..I Love You, But I Don’t Always Like What You’re DoingMy Profile

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