My Sunshine Room. A Home Improvement Hero Post.

My Sunshine Room. A Home Improvement Hero Post.

When MoneySupermarket contacted me to offer me £50 for the opportunity to enter their Home Improvement Hero Competition I was chuffed to bits!

Having just moved house, this was a well-needed offer and with the fact that I was finally getting a room to turn into an office of my own – for the first time ever! – I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Ross and I had agreed that I was to have the smallest bedroom as my office space. It is painted yellow which is one of my favourite colours and I have always teamed it up with my other colour of choice – blue.

I love a challenge and being given £50 to improve a room with no curtains, some holes in the wall and a rather scratched up door I had a bit of work on my hands but not so much that it would take me forever.

I decided to go for a sunflower and butterfly theme. Below is a list of purchases I made to turn my room into a little piece of sunshine:

Laptop Tray/Desk – £10.49

I purchased this item from eBay with free delivery! It is fantastic in the fact that it has a built-in fan via a USB that plugs into your computer from the desk itself. It now means that I can either sit with my computer on my desk or on my lap without it over-heating. It also has extendable legs so that I can put it on the floor.

Canvass Print – £7.00

I nipped into Yeovil for the first time on Friday as I needed to go to the Post Office. I had a little extra time on my car parking ticket so decided to have a look around and boy am I glad I did! I went into Beales Department Store where they had a massive 70% off sale. I found this beautiful woodland canvass print reduced from £24 to £7. It’s probably one of my favourite purchases EVER!

Butterfly mirrors – £3.49

I sneakily stuck these lovely mirrored butterflies above the canvass print to cover up some holes and I think that they set the print off beautifully. I also used them on the door along with the sunflower air freshener and sunflower stickers to cover some damage and add to the design.


Sunflower Net Curtain – £6.95

I have such a wonderful view out of my window that I didn’t want to block it out completely. I found this half-window net curtain decorated with sunflowers on Amazon. Perfect!

Curtain Pole – Free

I had some vouchers and used these in order to buy this extendable curtain pole. No nails or screwing necessary!

Houseplants – Free

The lovely people at The Joy of Plants recently contacted me and asked me if I would like a houseplant, so they sent me not one but THREE sucker plants together with a book on how to care for them. I have named them Vicky, Ross and Grace!

Toadstool Decorations – 3 x 90p

I thought I would give the houseplants some company with these colourful toadstool planter decorations from Asda. They really liven up the pots 🙂

Sunflower and Butterfly Stickers – £3.78

A fantastic find. I got this amazing sticker image and decided to stick it so it looked like the sunflowers were growing out of the radiator with the butterflies flying above. The remaining butterflies were then stuck on the plain white plant pots to give them a bit more colour. The other sunflower stickers I bought were used to decorate the door to cover the scratches and also on the white plant pots.

Sunflowers – £3.99

I already had a yellow and blue vase and many years ago I had some knitted sunflowers which got old and worn and thrown away. I’ve bought these new ones to add some colour.

Cushion Cover – £2.49

I already had the cushion but the cover was getting tatty so I purchased this lovely bright new one to liven up the room.

Lampshade – £6.90

This was an interesting find! It was actually a jigsaw lampshade…a bit of on IQ test for myself, however, I have to admit to being really useless at the moment and not able to focus on this so a highly intelligent friend of ours (thanks Toby Rinkoff) constructed it for me. The ‘before’ photo below shows the pieces that the lampshade is made of – 24 of them in all – and the ‘After’ photo shows the finished product which he did for me last night. I love that it is yellow and looks just like the sun. Definitely right for my sunshine room 🙂

Large Sunflower Air Freshner – £1.00

We have a wonderful Factory shop at the bottom of our new road. I’m afraid it’s a bit addictive and I am spending rather a lot of my time in there!  Thankfully though everything is a complete bargain. This is actually a car air freshener but I definitely wanted it for my door. Plus, it makes the room smell good!



Shining Star Door Hook – £1.00

Again from the factory shop. Somewhere to hang my handbag so I always know where it is – I have this habit of losing things!!

Tablecloth – Free

I have some boxes in my room that run the risk of being a real eyesore so I found this tablecloth at the local dump when taking our stuff there after the move, washed it and used it to make the room look tidy.

Rather than go into great big further detail, I have decided to provide you with a video tour of my new room:

So, did I meet the challenge? Well at a total cost of £49.79 and a wonderful new workspace I certainly believe I did!

I’m also linking up my post with The Olivers Madhouse and her Magic Moments – because having a new office certainly is!




  1. December 10, 2013 / 4:35 pm

    A home is made of more things than four walls. There are so many upgrading to be done in the home from time to time. Home improvement is so many things.

  2. August 2, 2013 / 10:05 pm

    Well done it looks lovely xx
    lisa recently posted..64My Profile

  3. Mrs Teepot
    July 31, 2013 / 1:03 pm

    Oh it looks really lovely! So beautiful and cheery!

    I totally need one of those laptop tray/fan things too! A techy friend of mine has been on at me for a while to get one!

  4. Eliza_Do_Lots
    July 31, 2013 / 12:25 pm

    I love it – sunflowers make me SO happy, I’m glad they do the same for you 😀 great job!
    Eliza_Do_Lots recently posted..What to give?My Profile

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