Bedroom Design Trends for 2013

It’s perhaps more important to get your bedroom décor right than any other room in the house.  After all, the bedroom is there specifically to help you relax and chill out after the rigours of a stressful day; if it doesn’t do that, then it’s not much use!  However, picking the right design can be tough.  If you’re a bit stumped as to which aesthetic to go for, then it often helps to look to the latest trends in the industry.  That’s why we’ve found you the most popular themes, features and designs to emerge in the bedroom design trade this year:

Worldwide influences 

One of the biggies this year is the integration of ideas and themes from other cultures.  Eastern influences in particular have been extremely popular, especially amongst those seeking to create a minimalist look.  Moving screens are an ideal accessory for this sort of aesthetic, not to mention the fact that they can help the home-owner hide those cluttered corners!   A great way to top off a room with this feel is to make use of bold, stylish flower arrangements to add a splash of colour. Click here to see how the professionals are doing it.


It’s been a bumpy 2013 for interior designers!  Different textures have really come to the fore, with fabrics such as velvet, silk and faux fur being utilised in order to create some unique combinations that give the classic colour combinations a new lease of life.   It’s not just the fabric that’s been influenced by texture, though: even ornaments and knick-knacks have been deployed with different feels.  In terms of wood, antique and natural are the two popular choices at the moment, with the treated, flat-pack look largely on the way out.


Whilst the flat-pack look has been minimised this year, that doesn’t mean that practicality will follow it.  With more and more clutter appearing in our homes, many designers have been emphasising the combination of style with a practically that will enable homeowners to keep all that unnecessary junk hidden away.  The combination of good timber and practically is perfect for anyone who has a busy household to run!

Delicate colours. 

Officially, the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2013 is emerald, but most designers have been exploring the whole spectrum of more subtle, delicate colours such as grey and pale green.  Essentially, if it has that relaxed, watercolour look, then it’s in, and if it’s bright and in your face, then it’s out!  This use of colour is perfect in combination with the eastern influences noted above – something that’s probably not a co-incidence.

The hotel look. 

One of the more interesting 2013 trends is the idea of converting a bedroom into something more than just the place where you sleep.  Many experts have been taking influence from luxury hotel rooms, with the aim of creating an almost spa-like environment.  The more chic hotels tend to opt for features such as hardwood floors rather than carpet, but with texture driven rugs, used to provide that comforting feel.  Needless to say, this also means that cleaning and maintaining the room is a little easier.  Other hotel-like features include matching bedside tables, taller lamps (with dimmers), as well as installing small coffee stations and mini bars.   After all, if you’re spending the money, you might as well treat yourself a little!


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