High Flying Women: A Guide to Achieving Success

Being successful in your career is crucial to so many people and most will stop at nothing to ensure they reach the top of the career ladder and fulfil their own potential as well as the career ambitions and goals they have.

Women have the ability to be just as successful as men in any industry they are in and any career path they may take. The idea of it being a mans world has long since passed and now, there are many more notably successful women than men with females taking on high powered and well positioned jobs that allow them an immense amount of success and the achievement of their personal ambitions. There are certain aspects to consider when looking to fulfil your career plan and make you a success in your chosen industry and a woman that can truly have it all…



The qualifications you possess are the key to entering the industry of your choice and gaining the job that you have had your heart set on. Making sure they are relevant to the chosen career path and fulfil the outlines of the job you so desperately want is the key way to make employers take notice of you.


Work Experience

Relevant work experience will show employers you have the skills needed to enter their company with very little hassle and will show them that you are a serious player within the industry.


Don’t Be Afraid

If you are interested in an industry then go for it. Look into the finer points of this field and make sure you are ready to fulfil the tasks that will lay ahead do not be put off for any reason if it is something you truly want. Exhaust every possible avenue during your job search apply for online jobs, through print media and company websites. Don’t give up on your search.


Be a Team Player

Being able to work alongside colleagues at every opportunity will show that not only are you a team player but that you are also able to take leadership if necessary and are considered to be an important member of the team.


Your Career and your Family

For many women, having a family is essential and something they are willing to sacrifice their career for. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many women that are able to have both as long as you learn to juggle and have some amazing people around you to help and support your fight for the perfect job.


Aim for the Top

If you want to be a success then you have to aim high. There is little pleasure to be gained from simply staying in the same position for your entire working life, put yourself up for promotions, ask how you can develop your career, what you need to do to get to the top and work hard to make sure you get there.


Reputation and Attitude

Making sure you are professional and when you are at work your attitude is all about work is the key way to make your employer notice you and your hard work. Your name will be mentioned regularly in a positive way and will allow you to begin to charm the employers until you are in a good position.


Career Goals, Ambitions and Plans

Make sure you have a career plan, highlight the things you wish to achieve the areas you want to succeed in and have some sort of time line by when you want to complete them. This will keep you focused and continuing to work hard to achieve the things you want to.


Fulfil your Potential

At some point within your career, your potential will have been highlighted whether you can see it for yourself or whether an employer has discussed it with you. Make sure you fulfil your potential, not only will it help you to climb the career ladder but will create a sense of personal satisfaction.


Work to Your Strengths

We all have personal strengths which are particularly apparent in our jobs. We are able to do some things better than others and should work to maintain these and use them as a way to impress employers and colleagues. Do not ignore weaknesses however as showing that you want to develop these and turn them around shows dedication and enthusiasm to your


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  1. Sue | Life Coach
    July 25, 2013 / 2:50 pm

    Great post.. Aim the top so when you fall, you won’t fall hard. 🙂

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