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My love for wine really came into it’s own over the latter part of my 30’s. I feel it was only then that my taste buds – particularly for the red variety – really matured and I fully appreciated it’s taste.

In the beginning I would stick with the good old German wines (I reckon every youngster starts with those!) which, right up until she died, were my Grandma’s favourite. Nothing beat a good Liebfraumilch for her. Then in my 20’s and early 30’s I moved on to wine of the rose variety. My absolute favourite, the one I drank for years, was Grenache Rose. I loved it for being slightly sweet and very refreshing.  These days I am not so keen.

In my mid to late 30’s I discovered a whole new world of wine and now my tastes are very different. I love the clean, crisp taste of Sauvignon Blanc in the summer. For roast dinners – particularly roast beef – or a lovely evening with friends or family then Merlot is my wine of choice.  I wouldn’t bypass a Shiraz or Malbec though!

Product ImageMarks and Spencer have a wonderful range of wines on offer and many of their wines have won awards in 2013. For example, they offer a case of 6 of their award winners in this case of red. The wines are from France, Spain and Italy and include a Merlot and a Cotes Du Rhone.

If red is not your wine of choice then there is also an award winners case of white, rose or, for variety-lovers, a mixed case.

There are also some beautiful champagnes for those special occasions and, one of my after dinner favourites,vintage port.

Marks and Spencer also have the following to their credit:

  • Decanter Supermarket of the Year
  • 900+ exclusive wines
  • Free delivery to your door when you spend over £150

Plus, at the moment, if you spend over £100 you can have free nominated day delivery or if you prefer, you could choose free delivery to your nearest store.

Cheers everyone!


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  1. Cathie B
    July 18, 2013 / 6:45 am

    Oh you little tease……………… a blog about one of my all time favourite things!!!!!

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