Crafting with the Kids

Keeping children entertained isn’t always easy; they bore of different activities easily and can then become restless and engage in bad behaviour. The same old activities such as playing in the garden, watching films and television and board games will quickly becoming boring to children and that is why it is a good idea to introduce something entirely new that will be able to hold their attention spans for significantly longer. Crafting is a fun activity as it combines things that all children love; being able to make a mess, creating something that they deem as artistic and something that can be stopped and started whenever the mood takes them.

Crafting can be done with any budget; the cost of keeping children entertained can really begin to mount up, especially during school holidays. Crafting does not have to be expensive and can in fact bring a greater sense of satisfaction when a masterpiece is created using inexpensive tools and materials.

It is also something that doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting. The beauty of crafts is that you are able to pick up the project at different times when you are able to dedicate yourself to it to complete just a little more of the piece. The short attention span of children means they are able to start a project, do something else when they have lost focus and then come back to it again. It can be an on going project and run throughout the summer holidays depending on the nature of the project obviously.

Making things that the children can use and play with afterwards is the best way to hold their focus. If children can see there is an outcome that will benefit them such as spending time making a new toy, which they will then be able to play with, they will be more likely to put the time and effort in to finishing the project. Lots of different crafting sites such as Homecrafts for example, have plenty of materials and ideas that are ideal for children, toys, games and jewellery for example are all perfect for children and most projects can be altered slightly to ensure they are appropriate for a younger audience.

Children will be able to learn a range of new skills through their crafting projects, such as:

  • Hand and eye co-ordination
  • Learning to follow instruction and direction
  • Being able to create something that they love and are happy with
  • Using your hands and skills to produce something that they can play with, see, touch, use and feel
  • Patience

Crafting can be easily accessible and appropriate to a larger groups of children, holding the attention span of multiple children is harder but by turning the crafting into a game or a competition even at a young age the children will have a desire to win and make the best piece that they can , they will also encourage each other to get the piece finished.

Top Tips

  • Make sure you begin the crafting in an area where mess is ok
  • Allow the children the freedom to have fun
  • Make sure you stay with them to supervise at all times as some parts can be tricky and the use of scissors and glue may be necessary
  • Let the children have fun and make things the way they want to, do not take over to make it as you think it should be, it is there project
  • Praise the children at every opportunity so they become proud in their work and continue to work on the project
  • Be creative
  • Most importantly, have fun!

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  1. July 16, 2013 / 10:59 pm

    to date Max’s favourite form of crafting is painting….. himself…. mainly his feet…..then running off into ‘non’ crafting areas – ie the front room the only room in the house with carpet… and now tiny blue/red rainbow footprints 😉
    Rachael Jess recently posted..Impromptu visit to the beachMy Profile

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