Jump Up and Join In Books by Carrie and David Grant. A Review.

Even before Grace was born, I was influencing her with music. When I couldn’t sleep at night, I would put on my earphones and listen to some of my favourite tunes.  As a baby, Grace never had the nursery rhyme CD, it was always some form of popular music.

My favourite CBeebies programme when Grace was small was Carrie and David’s Pop Shop. We would always sit down to watch it together. I never found what they did to be patronising or idiotic, just informative and well presented. Theirs was the CD I did play in the car – it was cool, not childish!

I was really pleased when we were recently asked to review two of the new Carrie and David Grant ‘Jump Up and Join In’ Books. I was a little concerned that they may have been a little childish for Grace but I needn’t have worried. Both books have a story and you can follow along with the CD you are provided with.

The first we reviewed was ‘Elephant’s Birthday Bells’, the story theme was all about how to make loud and soft sounds. Once the story ended – which explained what they were trying to achieve really well – they continued with the theme of how to tap softly and loudly and also how to form your own harmony.

Here is Grace’s opinion:

Then we read ‘Lions Speedy Sauce’ and this book was all about quick and slow rhythms. Again, it had a Karaoke song and an exercise on how to understand music.

Here again is Grace’s review:

I have to say that I loved these books. As I previously mentioned, I was apprehensive that they may have been too young but even I enjoyed them. As usual, their songs were catchy and the exercises were interesting and informative.

The books are a great price at £6.99 with clear and colourful pictures and CD included. If you and/or your children enjoy music, you’ll love these!

We were sent two books to keep for the purpose of this review.



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