Girls Talk – A Wot So Funee Post

Grace is starting to become so like me it’s scary. Although, I have to state that this is not all bad. As a driver, and because our drive to school is so long (for now!), I try and set her as good an example as possible. I realised that this was happening after not only last Monday morning but then the following morning on our way to school.

On the Monday morning, we were sat in a large queue to the roundabout however the woman in the monstrous 4 by 4 vehicle in front of us had other ideas. She mounted the pavement and drove up to the roundabout to turn left. Grace and I were shocked. ‘Mummy, what can we do? Who can we tell?!’ she asked. ‘Well sweetheart, there’s not much we can really do’ I responded.  Cue the following morning. Grace had her Disney Princess pretend mobile phone and was talking on it on the way to school. She told me that she needed to call her friend to see if she wanted to work and that I needed to be quiet – I don’t know where she’s got that one from! ;). So the conversation went like this ‘Hi Betty, yes this is Grace. I am ringing you to tell you that I work for the company who spot bad drivers and wondered if you were interested? I’ve caught loads of bad ones and thrown them in jail. Yes, I need to send a message to the Government to say thank you for all the medals’!

Last Thursday Grace, my Mum and I all travelled down to Somerset as we were looking at schools for Grace. The journey was long so plenty of opportunities for Grace to make us laugh. On the way there she said that ‘blind children were really lucky because they were allowed a Guide dog’. Hmmm!  Then, on the way home, we were just pulling into my Mum’s road and Grace was playing with Aleksandr Meerkat that Ross had left for her to cuddle whilst he was away. I heard from the back of the car ‘No Alex, stop touching my nipple!’ So I started to laugh. Then she said ‘Oh, for goodness sake, he always does this to me at the weekend!’ So I laughed harder and was almost crying, my Mum was also in fits of laughter next to her. I said ‘that was so funny Grace, especially the bit about the weekend!’  ‘What?!’ she shouted, and then, in a really innocent voice ‘that’s what you say Ross does to you at the weekend!’ I have said absolutely nothing of the sort!!

Finally a really lovely funee. That evening, after we’d ventured to Somerset, we stayed with my Mum. Grace slept in my Mum’s bed and as we said goodnight, Grace turned to my Mum and said ‘I’m really lucky to have you Gran’. I responded ‘Well, I’m lucky too because she’s my Mum’. Grace came back ‘Well, you’re even luckier than me then!’.

Today I am linking this funee to Actually Mummy’s Wot So Funee and to #S2S2D being hosted by MummyPinkWellies today.

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  1. Izzie Anderton
    June 3, 2013 / 8:08 pm

    OMG – does Grace miss anything? She’s so funny – you’re going to have to start talking in code!!

  2. Katie Vyktoriah
    May 29, 2013 / 3:55 pm

    I had quite a snort at the nipple thing!! I can just see her saying that!! Lol. What ARE you guys teaching her!? 😉

    Lovely post.
    Katie Vyktoriah recently posted..The Toddler DictionaryMy Profile

  3. Cathie B
    May 28, 2013 / 6:28 pm

    Out of the mouths of babes…………………… I think Grace should do a guest blog………..You’re one luck lady…… every weekend…….. 😉

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