It’s a Blast! Sonic Blasting Iron Man 3 Review.

On Thursday Grace got 6 out of 6 on her spellings…for the second week in a row. When we got home the perfect reward was sitting there in a box! She tootled off upstairs when she got home to play with the wrestling figures with Ross and I knew who the perfect addition to that match would be – Sonic Blasting Iron Man.

He is packed with loads of firepower. He is 15 inches tall and has a rotating missile blaster that fires five projectiles – six were burgundy-coloured and Grace decided that these were fire and then the five blue ones were freeze missiles. The figure also has lights in the chest and eyes, and includes lots of different battle blast sound effects (RRP £29.99).

Grace was really excited and we set to work opening him straight away. As with any toy these days, it was done up like a dogs dinner and you had to find scissors and a screw driver in order to get him out and get him working!! Thankfully we also had 3 AA batteries at the ready.

Once Iron Man had been fed with battery power, he was ready for action. Grace has given you her opinion in this handy video:

Overall? Iron Man is a big hit…and I wouldn’t be surprised to find Ross sneaking him out of her room at some point!
Disclosure: We were sent a Sonic Blasting Iron Man 3 to keep in return for this review. Please note that all words and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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