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When we were offered the chance to try the new Dominoes Hot Dog Stuffed crust, I wholeheartedly agreed. There is nothing Ross, Grace and I like better than our Family Film Fridays. Although last weekend, we deferred it to Saturday and our film of choice was Skyfall – after a dose of Dr Who of course! We decided to compliment our evening with a pizza.

Now, I am one of those people who generally thinks that takeaway pizzas are overpriced and overrated and overfilling but with the lure of trying a new and innovative idea then I was up for it! Until the introduction of free dips with the pizza, I was also one of those people who left the stodgy big crust. No excuses anymore!

We rang Dominoes in Wokingham on Saturday evening to place our order. I have to say that I was apalled at their lack of customer service. I was on the phone for 10 minutes and spoke to three different people before someone understood what I was ordering. We chose a large BBQ Meatlovers Hot Dog Stuffed Crust. I can’t see what is so complicated about that really! When I finally told them that I would be reviewing the pizza they changed their tune and couldn’t have been nicer!! But why does it take that though? They told me 35 to 40 minutes for delivery originally. Funny how it turned up after 20 minutes!

When it arrived it was just the right temperature. We all tucked in and it tasted lovely. The hot dog stuffed crust is a great idea and saves so much waste (from my point of view anyway!). A large pizza served the three of us nicely.

I probably won’t be ordering again in a hurry. Pizza is not high up on the menu of takeaways for me, but, if you are a pizza-lover you are gonna love this!

The small print: Please note that I received a voucher for a free hot dog stuffed crust pizza for writing this post. However, all views expressed are my own and all words were written by me!

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