I’m Going Slightly MAD….

With just over 24 hours to go, this is it, this is the last time I harp on about voting in the MADs…..promise! It won’t be the last time harping on about the actual awards though I’m afraid but I promise I won’t do it to the point where you are all sick of me!!

In case you’ve been hiding away for the last two and a half weeks my blog is nominated in the Most Innovative Category. This has lead to me getting so worked up and excited, I have had a bad stomach most of the weekend (it brings back memories of my school assemblys where I was inevitably ill the night before I was due to stand up in front of the whole school!).

Anyway, this past week or so has seen my life pass by in a semi-haze as I get email after email, done some crazy things and nearly felt like my head was going to explode! I’ve been in the paper, been on the radio, written on my head in lipstick (see the MAD finalists video below), got some amazing gifts from Seagate who are sponsoring my award category and even emailed one of the other finalists in the SAME category as me to ask for his vote by mistake (apologies for that Alex, its worth a try eh,?!).

I do need to get something off my chest though. That is my BBC Radio Berkshire experience on Friday afternoon. Listen again here at 2hours 20mins in.

I HATE being late….despise it….it sends me into a panic and stops me thinking straight. So, when I was told that I would be on the Mike Read show at 3.30pm and I was told to be there for 3.15pm, I arrived at 3pm knowing that I would at least then I’d be there (if you get my meaning?!). The production team – who were standing outside in the pouring rain and bitter cold – told me that I was too early and suggested I go across to Costa and come back around 3.20pm. I happily obliged.

Upon my return, just after 3.15pm, I was sent into a panic. ‘Where were you?’ one of the team gasped, ‘you’re supposed to be on’. So I was rushed up two flights of stairs in the town hall (not easy in heeled boots) and was told ‘it’s ok, Mike’s covering for you!’. I sat down and started to talk, trying hard not to sound out of breath! My mind had gone blank. I had sent over all the information to the radio station prior to explain about the awards so I felt confident that the interview would be guided by them. It wasn’t until I listened back later that I realised that, despite the fact that I thought I sounded confident and pretty engaging, no mention was made of the MADs. Not one. Gutted.

What you lovely people who nominated me have done though is spark up the unused lightbulb in my head, You have helped me to see that I really am innovative.. My brain is whirring with ideas and won’t ruddy stop. I’ve been getting to sleep at 1am and waking at 5.30am. I have a notepad by my bed to write things down. And I love it! I have written much more poetry than I’ve done in ages thanks to the people who link to Prose For Thought with their inspiration and encouragement. I’ve come up with the new linky #PoCoLo that has been a fabulous success this weekend and as a result I have found and read some amazing blogs. It has humbled me into realising just how lucky I am to be where I am! I also have ANOTHER idea for a linky but I really don’t have time to host it (if anyone is interested in taking on my idea and is happy to credit me for it each week then please email me!). Even this evening, one of the writers by the name of Scott at Flickering Myth (the site I write film and tv reviews for) was looking to start his own movie review site and didn’t have a clue for a name. I suggested ‘Great Scott!’ and make the logo in the style of ‘Back to The Future’ – he loved it!

See….my brain never stops…..but at least….once the voting is over….that’s one less thing to think about….until something else comes along to replace it!

If you haven’t voted yet, then please consider Vevivos in the Most Innovative Category (or as I have taken to calling it ‘Taking the MIC for Vic’!) You can vote here. Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday 26th March.

Like what you see? Then please consider a vote for this blog in the finals of the MAD Awards Most Innovative Category. I would also love it if you voted for this blog in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards. Just click on the badges to your right near the top in the side bar and they will take you to the relevant voting sites.



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