Dukan? You Can! My Diet Journey Week 6

My New Figure!

I think I always looked upon this Christmas week as an experiment. Firstly in view of what would happen with my weight if I did allow myself to deviate from the path on a couple of days over Christmas and then, thinking on from there, how bringing the banned food stuffs back would affect the way I feel.

We stayed on the straight and narrow over the weekend and I found it really hard on Saturday when Ross, Grace and I decided to have a film and game day. Grace was on the jaffa cakes and crisps, Ross and I were on the slices of meat! On arriving at Portland on Sunday, we went off to The George for Sunday lunch and Ross and I both skipped the roast potatoes. As it was a meat and veg day, we were sticking to the diet.  In the evening I allowed myself my first glass of wine in a very long time which I made sure was with my meal. Ross had a couple of beers. He told me that he thinks that the first beer was the longest he had ever made a can last! Our evening meal that day was chicken curry. Ross allowed himself a small helping of rice, I didn’t but I did have a poppadum.

The following day, Christmas Eve, we had our usual natural yoghurt for breakfast. I had weighed myself that morning and when the scales in Portland read 151.8lbs I was extremely pleased but took it with a pince of salt as I was aware that different scales say different things! After a trip to Tesco, lunch for me was smoked salmon and prawns with low-fat soft cheese. Ross decided to add bread into the equation for a smoked salmon sandwich.  I stuck to diet coke and Ross had two beers. Following the arrival of Anna, Ross’ sister, and her boyfriend, Gus, we went out for the traditional Christmas Eve restaurant meal. I knew this would be where the real change to the diet would start.  I opted for the Surf and Turf – a sirloin steak with prawns cooked in garlic butter. Also on my plate was a side salad, some onion rings and mushrooms but I cancelled the chips that came with it. Ross chose the New York Strip – a steak covered in bacon and melted cheese, the difference with his meal was that he included the chips. We both had lemon meringue pie – although some of mine was donated to Gus! I had a gin and slim-line tonic followed by a glass of red wine with my meal. Ross stuck to the diet coke and had one beer upon our return home.

On Christmas Day I decided that life was too short not to have the foods I wanted so I ended the chocolate famine with a Cadburys chocolate biscuit followed by 5 Quality Street! Christmas lunch came along around 3.30pm. I had turkey and all the trimmings including bread sauce, stuffing and 3 roast potatoes. Pudding was Christmas pudding with cream. I had two large glasses of wine. Ross had around 3 beers by that point. After dinner I stuck with cups of tea as we both dozed on the sofa with Grace playing nicely with her new Merida doll and Angus the horse beside us.  Once Grace had gone to bed, we had our cold meats and cheese selection. I had a small piece of baguette which was the only banned food on my plate together with a glass of Baileys. Ross had around 2 more beers.

The final day of abstaining from the diet was Boxing Day – although I stayed fairly restrained. Ross and I had a sensible breakfast – he had smoked salmon, I had prawns. On reaching my sister’s house, she had laid out a wonderful spread of buffet food including pizza, duck rolls, meats, salmon, crisps and quiche. Ross and I had a plate of food each with a few banned items. Then I absolutely had to have chocolate cake, a mini mince pie and a cupcake. I stayed off the alcohol, Ross had around 4 small glasses of red wine.

Once reaching home in the evening, we decided to order an Indian takeaway. I stuck with what I ordered a couple of weeks ago when I went out with my friends – a tandoori mixed grill. Ross had chicken malaya and egg fried rice. I drank a couple of small glasses of port, Ross had 6 small bottles of beer and we both topped it off with a bar of Hotel Chocolat each which we received from one of my sisters as a Christmas present (Ross also sneaked in a few chocolates from the box of Celebrations we received!).

With the festive food filling out of the way, we returned to what has become the norm yesterday. After seeing the scales yesterday morning and a weight-gain of 4.6lbs since last Friday, I knew further straying was NOT an option. Ross has also gained, his is around 3lbs We had a brunch of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs each, lots of tea and coffee and then a piece of fish for tea. We managed to restrain ourselves – Ross from his craving of biscuits and me from the chocolate!

Today I make my long-awaited return to the gym and will upgrade back to the cross-trainer (my exercise of choice during the Olympics). My new running shoes will finally be christened! I am excited to make a start with them.

So, how have I felt over the festive few days with the banned food items brought back in? Despite the fact that I have not gorged myself or eaten anywhere near as much as I used to, I have felt uncomfortable – like I want to let out a massive belch! My stomach felt weird and I have not been able to sleep that well (I never sleep that well anyway but it had improved since starting the diet). I am not going to let the weight gain bother me. What I have decided to do is resort back to protein only for the next few days and catch up that way. I am already starting to feel better.

I have also decided no more deviation from the diet path so New Years Eve and Day are most certainly going to be alcohol free (although I may have a small amount of chocolate), whilst Ross remains undecided on what he wants to do.

I was happy when I weighed myself this morning to see that I have lost 2lbs since yesterday!

A summary of the festive period and how it has affected me:

  • Last Friday: 153.2lbs
  • This Friday: 155.8 lbs
  • Loss for the week: GAIN of 2.6lbs
  • Total loss so far: 9.6lbs
  • Total to go:  10.8lbs

This last week may be a step backwards, I just need to take a bigger leap forward!







    • Victoria
      December 30, 2012 / 4:19 pm

      You are too kind! Thank you :))

    • Victoria
      December 30, 2012 / 4:19 pm

      Thanks for the visit Mich, and for the lovely compliment 🙂

  1. December 28, 2012 / 7:14 pm

    I think you had to allow yourself some indulgence over Christmas or you may of gone mad!! glad your new trainers are getting christened 🙂

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