Dukan? You Can! My Diet Journey Week 5

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, I once again have not been to the gym this week – for a valid reason I believe! Plus I underestimated just how busy I would be in the week leading up to Christmas along with hospital appointments! The food system is kicking in to just becoming a habit now BUT I am concerned about what path it will lead up with Christmas Day next week. On the one hand I don’t want to ruin my hard work. On the other, I don’t want to miss out on Christmas dinner.  So I have decided – all things in moderation. I don’t have to go mad, I would just be happy with a taste.

There isn’t really that much to tell this week apart from the fact that Costa DEFINITELY have skimmed milk for their skinny lattes, something that I was very happy about! We haven’t got season 3 of The Walking Dead yet so nothing to put me off my meat. Ross has been continuing with his gym routine which he has done really well with given his bad cough (although I think he paid the price yesterday with it turning into a major sore throat poor love). I am still utterly desperate to try out my new trainers so when Grace goes off to her Father’s for a week on Boxing Day evening, Ross and I are going to make full use of our gym membership which means full use of those Asics!

We also discovered last Friday evening that Wetherspoons mixed grill is a go providing we replace the chips, peas, mushroom and tomato with 3 fried eggs. Mmmm chips……I miss chips!

We are off to The George on Sunday, the pub in Portland local to Ross’ parents. It’s a lovely atmosphere in there, it always feels homely and Richard, Ross’ Dad, has kindly arranged for a carb-free Sunday lunch for Ross and I. We will have to sit and try hard not to finish Grace’s leftovers!! Then on Christmas Eve we will be off out for a meal but it will mean a steak supper for us 🙂

Of course, then there is Christmas Day. I intend to relax the rules that day. I shall have alcohol, a couple of roast potatoes, probably some chocolate and leave it there. Thankfully I LOVE all things seafood and smoked salmon so that shall be my celebratory food of the season!

I have taken my measurements this week and I was pleased to see another inch and a half off my hips and tummy and an inch off my waist.In total thats two and a half inches off my waist, three inches off my stomach and two and a half inches off my hips. I also hadn’t realised that my Dukan Diet App records my BMI too – at the beginning this was 24.4, it is now down to 22.6.

The scales have also been kinder and things are slightly better than last week. This morning I weight myself and I was 153.2lbs

To conclude, this week’s summary is:

  • Last Friday: 155.4lbs
  • This Friday: 153.2lbs
  • Loss for the week: 2.2lbs
  • Total loss so far: 12.2lbs
  • Total to go: 8.2lbs

Join me next week to see how I fair with Christmas fayre!


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  1. December 21, 2012 / 7:46 am

    well done on still loosing this week even after the nightmare worry! I am glad to hear you will still be having some degree of Christmas lunch!, i am kick starting my weight loss back in January! i have lost almost 4 stone this 12 months but nothing for the last few weeks so i am going to enjoy christmas then get back too it!

    Well done again!

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