A Bit of Elf Help – Tots 100 Center Parcs Family Challenge

Following our entry last month into the Tots 100 Center Parcs Family Challenge to design a waterslide for Center Parcs, we were delighted to see the new challenge for this month is to write about what it takes to be the perfect Elf.  Kelly Trzupek, Head of the Elves at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest has been the one to set the challenge. She helps Santa to teach the children how to be the perfect Elf at the Elf Academy. When I went over to see the link, I loved the look of the Elf Academy and would really love for Grace to go there before she gets too big!

So what does it take to be the perfect Elf? Well, I have decided to write a poem about the qualities of an Elf, and Ross and Grace are going to write the rules and Grace has also drawn a picture.

So first, here is my poem (and yes, I meant to spell ‘Clause’ that way!):

 Ross, with a little help from Grace, has contributed to our Family Challenge with a list of 10 rules to be the Perfect Elf:

  1. Elf-Esteem – An elf must always be happy and jolly in what he does and ready to find joy in even the worst jokes (especially those in Christmas crackers)
  2. Elf-Motivation – He must be able to wrap presents well and efficiently without getting his hands tied up in sticky tape and put a bow on every present from fifty yards, blindfolded and only using his feet!
  3. Elf-Awareness – He must eat a balanced diet to keep his energy up. Balanced diet consists of candy canes, candy corn, Candi Staton and probably sprouts, no matter how icky they are.
  4. Elf-Defence – He needs to know that any threats from creatures such as Goblins can be dealt with through their knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts (making and throwing paper ninja stars, smearing glitter over the Goblins to really embarrass them in front of their Goblin friends, etc)
  5. Elf-Reliant – He needs to able to work for the elf-proclaimed boss and be a master of his own work. This is not to be confused with a Robin Reliant who is Batman’s best friend
  6. Elf-Control – He needs to have a good work/play balance. Elves who can’t keep their balance and fall over when playing or working have clearly been at the egg nog
  7. Elf-Help – Live to give and never be selfish, just elfish!
  8. Elf-Worth – Never sell yourself short, despite the fact that you are in stature! (small print: The Elf slave trade was regulated by Ofcom until the abolition of elf-servitude as championed by Mr H Potter and Miss H Grainger in book 5)
  9. Elf-Service – Always make sure that Santa’s sleigh is in perfect working order, that Rudolph’s nose has been properly polished and there are plenty of antacids available when Santa gets back from his yearly mince pie and milk binge
  10. Elf-Respect – Always respect your fellow elves and have a happy working relationship and, under no circumstances, coax your fellow worker into a box, then wrap the box up and put it in Santa’s sack ‘for a laugh’

Finally, we have a picture of the perfect Elf as drawn by Grace together with her list of written rules:

 The Elf she has drawn is a senior Elf because he has a red jacket. This is because Santa has been so pleased with his work, this is his reward to show all the other Elves how good he has been by wearing the same colour as Santa Claus. He has Elf Earwarmers because they stick out from his hat, and it is so cold in the North Pole. He is carrying a present he has made and wrapped off to the sleigh.

She has also written down the rules that she feels are the most important ones. In case you can’t read her writing, they are:

  1. Be happy
  2. Be kind
  3. Be joyful

There you have it, our thoughts on what it takes to be the Perfect Elf.

Would you like to share you thoughts on what it takes to be an Elf and win a chance to win a Center Parcs holiday. Pop over to the Tots 100 Site for details on how to enter.






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    • Victoria
      January 5, 2013 / 1:51 pm

      Aww, thanks :), we had a great time doing this and have our fingers crossed big time! x

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