Slip Slidin’ Away! A Monday Motoring Post

Whenever Winter shows up a driver always has to adapt the way they use their vehicle.  With the days getting darker earlier along with the adverse weather conditions this all contributes to making driving more hazardous for every type of road user. As with the last two winters, conditions can be extreme and it can result in drivers being warned against using the roads unless absolutely necessary.

There are ways that we can ensure that our vehicles are in good working order and we are prepared for anything the weather might through at us. I remember coming back from my Mum’s a couple of years ago with Grace in the back of the car. We were literally five minutes up the road from our flat but, bad weather struck, the snow came quickly and it took over an hour to get back home!

In order to be prepared for Winter Driving:

  • Prepare your car with a pre-winter service. This will ensure that the right levels of anti-freeze are in the coolant chamber and windscreen wash. It will also be a chance to ensure that your tyres are legal and the vehicle is in good overall working order
  • Carry a shovel
  • Carry extra, warm clothing and a torch
  • Keep simple, unperishable foods in the car such as nuts, crisps and bottles of water
  • When driving leave a larger distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. In normal weather conditions you should leave a two-second gap but in ice and snow it becomes a 10-second gap
  • Use the highest practical gear on slippery surfaces. This will mean that there is less power in the wheels and, as a result, less risk of skidding
  • Slow down earlier – forward plan, forward plan, forward plan!

Despite having my car in for a winter service, I have experienced a number of problems with it over the last couple of weeks. It is a diesel engine and from what I understand the glow plugs (which help the car start) have been frosting up.  So, what can you do when all else fails?

Well, why not join a breakdown rescue service such as the RAC? With cover as low as £29.99 per year I think it is real value. If you buy online and choose the personal option then not only can you add up to 5 people in your household but you can also have FREE At Home Breakdown cover when you purchase Roadside and Recovery on a continuous annual basis.

Other benefits of joining the RAC include:

  • Patrols fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside
  • They have more patrol members than any other breakdown service which means they can get to you fast
  • They have 115 years of experience
  • They can also come to your rescue if you have an accident
  • 98% of members would recommend RAC rescue to friends and family

The RAC have a huge amount of winter tips and videos on how to prepare your car for winter driving here.

Please take it easy in the difficult driving conditions and stay safe.

NEXT WEEK: Looking forward to travelling abroad next year?  I am pleased to announce that the RAC are kindly offering a fantastic giveaway on my blog!

Stuck with parking? Need help? Need driving lessons? If you live in the Berkshire/Surrey/Hampshire area and are looking for a a Driving Instructor, then, try me! My website is I also provide gift vouchers :)




  1. December 17, 2012 / 2:01 pm

    great post!.

    My car has just had its winter check the other week, my plan this week is to put the winter pack in (blankets, water, choc and crisps, gloves and so on) this post has reminded me so i ought to go in the shed and get it out!

    • Victoria
      December 18, 2012 / 10:45 pm

      Good plan! Look out for my fab competition next week 🙂 x

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