Girls Talk – A Wot So Funee Post

Wot So Funee?As I was driving back from the school run this morning, I suddenly realised that one day Grace will be able to look back on everything she said and I wondered if she would be proud, embarrassed or both!

This week the gems from my daughter’s mouth have not only been contributed by me, but also my Mum. Some of them are from last week and then we come to the conversation in the car this morning. I am going to save the most embarrassing one until last though.

Last Tuesday, Grace went to stay with my Mum whilst Ross and I went to see Seal in concert. The following morning she texted me with a conversation they had both had. First they had a chat about Ross’ Auntie Sylvia whom Grace spent a week with back in the summer and adores her. Grace told my Mum that Sylvia is 86, so my Mum asked if she had a husband. Grace responded ‘No, but she is looking for one’!

Then they got chatting about some other family members. Grace told my Mum that Ross has a Dad called Richard. My Mum replied ‘So has your Mum’. ‘Yes’ said Grace ‘but he’s not very nice to Mummy.’ Mum told her that her Mummy’s Dad lives in Spain with Wendy and Josh and Wendy is a nice lady. ‘Well’ retorted Grace ‘Maybe she could teach him how to behave!’

This morning we were chatting on the way to school, and we were discussing the possibility of me having another baby. Grace decided that they will be a nuisance because babies cry. I told her that she will be a big sister and help look after them. She said ‘That means I will have to be a teenager but at least I get to have bubble gum!’. Then we discussed a boy in her class whom, she told me, wasn’t being very nice. ‘He won’t get very far in life Mummy’ she told me ‘he will end up dead just like Malfoy’!

Finally the most embarrassing moment this week was when she brought back a bouncy Mr Happy Car Air Freshener and decided to stick it on the back seat next to her.  ‘Mummy’ she said ‘I’ve put this here so that if anyone farts then it won’t smell so bad!’

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