Hot Right Now! My Monthly Music – October

Those Of you Who know me well will know my complete love for music. To judge the true value of a song and its meaning, I love to listen to it in the car – preferably on a lovely long drive. I guess that reminds me of many elements of my childhood for example when we’d travel to our holiday destination listening to music as a family or when my dad would pick me up from parties and drive like a maniac!! So I’ve  decided to start a new monthly post of my five favourite songs of the moment. It can be past or present, any genre and any artist. I’m going to say where I first heard it, what it means to me and what it reminds me of.

So, here is my run down for this month:
1. I Courted a Sailor by Kate Rusby. This is a song I included in my So Emotional blog post last week. Grace and I heard it on first Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show on Radio 2 and she and I sat in silence, spellbound, listening to this beautiful song. That moment will always stay with me.
2. Bruises by Train. I love this group and I first heard the song on their album California 37 when I downloaded it earlier this year. This is one of the best tracks on the album and Ross and I have both featured it in our top 100. I’m ashamed to say it was higher in his than it was in mine!
3. Forever by Chris Brown. I first heard this song when it accompanied someones wedding video on YouTube a couple of years back. The wedding party all danced up the aisle and I’ll never forget the joy it brought to the congregation. I recently rediscovered it when Ross had it on his DJ music on a trip to Portland. I know it has that awful autotuner sound but it really suits this song!
4. Madness by Muse. A haunting song so well produced, I again heard this on Chris Evans Breakfast Show for the first time. Every time it comes on, I have to turn it up to fully appreciate it!
5. Incomplete by The Backstreet Boys. A couple of weeks ago I was watching the Judge’s Houses part of X Factor and this song was on in the background – just the violin instrumental – during the section where Louis was listening to the bands. I knew I knew the song but I couldn’t place it! A couple of days later it came to me, and is now on my ipod!
I’d love to know what your favourite songs are at the moment.  More songs next month!



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