To the Mother of a Newborn – Day 7 of National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo

My seventh poem for National Poetry Writing Month is ‘To the Mother of a Newborn’. My reading of this is at the top of the poem.

To the Mother of a Newborn

Whilst I want what you hold
I don’t begrudge you though
My arms and heart they ache
I have such a long way to go

Please forgive me if I turn away
If I can’t share your happy time
I don’t do it because of hate
You haven’t committed a crime

I want so that newborn smell
To hold them close and protect
It is self-preservation you see
This is why, for now, I deflect

Those sleepless nights, I want them too
I would treasure each and every one
As I would with each milestone
I would feel as if I had won

So please forgive me if I don’t share
In all your moments of joy
One day I hope to have my time too
Whether it be a girl or a boy

Victoria Welton 7th April 2016 


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