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My fourth poem for National Poetry Writing Month is Sleep.


Sleep it comes to us in many different forms
Some are early risers who always see the dawn
Some go to bed late and then they have a lay in
Some are incessant talkers and they really make a din
Some snore relentlessly and are very very loud
Some slumber easily, in amongst a crowd
Some need a siesta or to grab 40 winks
Some sleep heavily after alcoholic drinks
Some drop off in the car or even on the train
Some they toss and turn and find it all in vain
Some they sleep through winter, they call it hibernation
Some they sleep on a water bed, it has a strange vibration
Some they have to get shuteye whenever the moment arises
Some they need a doctors help and whatever he advises
The sandman chooses for you, but no one thing conforms
Because sleep it comes to us in many different forms

Victoria Welton 4th April 2016


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    • April 7, 2016 / 12:52 pm

      I go through stages! Glad you can associate with this 🙂 x

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