McAfee LiveSafe. A Name that Protects.

photo (52)Recently I was given the chance to review a McAfee LiveSafe anti-virus protection programme for all the technology in my house. Let’s face it, the fact that Ross and I are pretty much on our computers all day meant that I couldn’t pass this one by!

McAfee has always been a name synonymous with computer protection. It was one of the first things I learnt when I got my first proper PC way back in 1999.  Feels like forever ago now!

When it was explained to me that the LiveSafe version would not only protect my laptop, it would protect the other laptop in the house, Ross’ computer, my iPad Mini AND my iPhone, I was thrilled. Thank goodness for protection all in one place.

The box (a rather large one, considering what was in it!) comes with a small credit card-sized piece of card with a key code printed on it. It was so very easy to set up. All I had to do was go to and follow the extremely easy on-screen instructions.

I already had a McAfee account from a previous membership so it was straightforward to use this and update my personal details including our address as I haven’t used it since we moved. Then, once I had completed all of this, it was an easy download onto both my laptops.  I have to say that I was impressed at how simple it was to install. Since then, every time I use my computer, I know that everything is being fully protected. Every so often I get messages pop up from McAfee basically to say that it is doing it’s job – a comforting thing to have actually. McAfee LiveSafe is there to protect not only against viruses, but also spyware and malware.

photo (51)The only slight issue I did have was protecting both the iPad and iPhone. I hadn’t realised that the full version wouldn’t load onto either of these devices since they haven’t included these yet and I understand that most viruses hit the Android phones. However, what it does offer is both SafeKey and McAfee Locker. This means that you can easily manage all of your online passwords in one protected place from any of your devices as well as track and lock any of your PC’s, tablets and smartphones should they become lost or stolen. I was also pleased to see that you can store sensitive personal data in an online vault.

I have to fully recommend this anti-virus programme. McAfee is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company but being big certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t look after their customers…on the contrary, it’s quite the opposite.

Disclaimer: I was sent a year’s subscription for McAfee LiveSafe together with payment for this post, however, all words and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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