Things To Do On A Great Girls’ Night Out

Things To Do On A Great Girls’ Night Out


Going out with my friends used to be a regular thing. We never used to think too much about what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go or how long we planned to stay out for. I suppose that’s what it’s like when you’re young, carefree and pre-family, but now that I’m older, I’ve realised what I like and don’t like whenever I head out of an evening.

Acquired tastes?

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Nowadays, when I go on a night out with my friends, I do what we want to do rather than just do something on a whim. After going on a few nights out where we all prepared a little better before heading out, I discovered what the perfect night would involve. Here are my suggestions:

  • Pick a gentle activity to start with. A trip to the cinema, theatre or a meal out can help to keep the conversation going or give you something to chat about later on during the night. Dining out is my personal favourite!
  • Mix it up once in a while. Aside from just going for drinks at a bar or nightclub, you could do something more unique together. Language lessons, creative writing classes, art exhibitions, a walk in the park during the summer – there’s no end to what you can do with the girls, but check the weather forecast first!
  • Try something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment with activities on a girls night in or out. Visiting a new bar, club or pub can be exciting, as can something relatively minor such as sampling a drink you’ve never had before. You might even have a new favourite.
  • Go on a ‘scavenger hunt’ – you could do this at home or on the town. Devise a series of clues for your friends where they have to find them and whoever gets it first gets a prize like free drinks. Fun, right?

Home comforts

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Nights out can still be fun if you know what you want to do, but more of us think that a night in might be better instead. According to a recent survey by Ladbrokes Bingo, 70% of women prefer a girls’ night in. I personally think it is easy to understand why staying in might be better.

As a parent, it can sometimes be hard to leave your child with a sitter, let alone find a sitter, so staying in kind of eliminates this a bit. For instance, if I was to stay in and entertain some friends, I could invite my daughter’s friend over and they could play in her room, while we sit and have a grown-up chat around the dining table. Moreover, I don’t really think I enjoy going out to the same extent as when I was younger – which is only natural.

In addition, avoiding bad weather, expensive drinks, long queues and fashion mishaps in a busy club sounds like my idea of heaven.  I suppose if you stay in, you could do more things than you realise like, say, rent a movie, make your own snacks, or play Pictionary – while a club has a more singular approach of music, club music and drinks…a sort of one size fits all type night, which it definitely does not.



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