A Magical Bedroom

Last Thursday I spotted an absolute bargain on eBay. It was a cabin bed with pull-out desk and book shelf – something Ross and I have discussed getting for Grace for quite some time now. The bid was at 99p which was far lower than the £659 we had seen for one of these which was completely out of our price range. Bidding was due to end at 11.06pm on Friday evening so we set an alarm as a reminder and Ross swooped in at the last minute and won it for precisely £65.57. A complete and utter bargain.

So on Saturday off we tootled to Bridgwater, around 40 minutes away, to collect it in the back of the Mazda (I love that car!). On the way back we came across a dilapidated old pub with a VERY amusing name – see yesterday’s Silent Sunday! – but in fact the ‘l’ at the end had just fallen off but we had to stop and take a photo! Anyway I digress. We also popped to Homebase to get a bunch of pink storage boxes for Grace’s unit so they all matched and looked tidy.

We got home and I started to put the bed together. After some rather amusing ‘Chuckle Brothers’ moments from me and Ross putting it together(!), the bed was up! We were thrilled to bits with it so goodness only knows how Grace was going to react.

Yesterday I spent the morning sorting and tidying and shifting and low and behold we had a little girls bedroom on our hands. She needs some new girls curtains, a bin and some shelving but other than that it looks great!

When she got back early from her fathers yesterday I was putting the final finishing touches to her bedroom, including a light shade from our old house which she had always admired – it has purple jewels and sparkles on it and it looks beautiful when you turn the light on.

When she came inside, Ross and I suggested that she might like to put her things in her room. We followed her upstairs and, as she opened the door, the look on her face was a sight to behold. She stood opened-mouthed and her eyes lit up as she looked around and then got even more excited when we showed her how the desk pulled out from the bed. She loved her mini dressing table with small mirror and basket for her hair bands and kept saying ‘it’s brilliant’. After looking around she turned to say thank you to us both and gave us a hug. I haven’t seen her like that in a long time.

She set to work straight away at her desk, playing schools and Ross and I went back downstairs. As I got to the bottom, she came out, lent against the frame of her door, crossed her arms and legs and said ‘thank you so much, I love it!’

That’s one very happy little girl :)



I am linking this post to Jaime’s #MagicMoments over at the Olivers Madhouse

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