Different Shades Mean Different Looks

Every room in your house is different and so you need a different kind of blind or shade to match. Whether you have a contemporary bathroom, a country cottage bedroom or a child-friendly lounge, the right window shade can really set your style off.


Roller Blinds

One of the most classic and traditional types of blinds, the roller blind is very popular due to its simple-to-use and versatile style. Adapted to fit to most size windows, roller blinds are often made from durable material and roll smoothly up and down using wall mechanisms you can fit yourself if need be. Whether you use them alone or coupled with curtains, this choice is for you if you want minimal hassle but a great choice of colours.


Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are ideal if you are looking for a good night’s sleep without any pesky street lamps or sunbeams waking you up. Blackout blinds do precisely that; they black out the light coming into your room and keep it dark. They are also particularly handy if you have a room in your house that suffers from bleached furniture as a result of direct sunlight. You can even find blackout roller blinds that are thermally insulated which help to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. This makes them a great choice if you want to save money on your heating bills.


Vertical Blinds

More often than not you will find this type of blind in an office or reception area as it has a sleek, professional look. The best thing about this kind of blind is that it allows you to filter the amount of light you want coming into your room. If you work on a computer and need to keep screen glare to a minimum, then the vertical blind is ideal. Because the individual blind sections can be tilted, you can stop glare without cutting off the ambient light in the room.


Roman Blinds

A fancier version of the roller blind with a slightly different mechanism, Roman blinds are made from more fabric and fold over when raised. This creates a wonderful tiered effect that looks great in a living room or bedroom. Available in as many colours as the traditional roller blind, Roman blinds by The Shade Store are perfect if you want something with a little more class. Instead of a roller-style way of raising and lowering your blind, there is a pull-cord instead which offers a slightly more decorative alternative to the roller blind ‘chain’.


Venetian Blind
This is a very popular and often sought-after blind, especially when looking to style your room with a designer touch. Venetian blinds come in fabric, wood and plastic varieties and there are many colours and shades to choose from. Like the vertical blind, the Venetian Blind allows you to choose how much light you want to allow flowing into your room without making it too dark. Of course, if you want it dark, you only have to turn the rod device all the way to close the slats fully.


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  1. lauralou
    July 16, 2013 / 9:02 am

    I think that a lot of people are easily confused about the differences between roller blinds and roman blinds, so thank you for highlighting it here. I have a beautiful pair of roman kitchen blinds, but people constantly get the style of blind confused!

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