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I’ve heard the name MusicMagpie used and bandied around a bit but never actually been over to their site…until now. I feel somehow like I’ve been missing out after looking around too!

With the impending house move on the horizon I will be looking for somewhere to sell my stuff for cash without too much hassle and too many trips to the post office. MusicMagpie looks great for at least these two reasons alone.

All you do is enter the barcode on any CDs, Games or books you are selling and the value will instantly pop up. Due to the integration of two homes when I moved in with Ross, there are a few things we have doubled up on. For example we have two copies of the film ‘Closer’ staring Natalie Portman. We don’t need two! When I put the barcode in it told me my DVD was worth 23p. Once you’ve put the barcode in of at least ten items, you can complete your order and MusicMagpie will pick it all up completely and utterly free of charge! Fantastic!

As well as all of this you can also sell clothes – in order to get a valuation you enter the brand name and garment – and you can sell your Tech/Electronics items and get the valuation by entering the make and model.

You can either get paid for your items by bank transfer, cheque, in e-vouchers OR you can donate your income to charity.

Just when you thought they had thought of everything, there is also a free iPhone or Android app as well as a store over on Facebook which means you can sell your stuff AND speak to people at the same time.

Now that I’ve found MusicMagpie I’ve got a funny feeling that the next couple of weeks will be a little bit easier 🙂

The small print: Please note that I received monetary compensation for writing this post. However, all views expressed are my own and all words were written by me!

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