Girls Talk – A Wot So Funee Post

This last week has seen Grace on her usual loving/funee formed self. I had the pleasure to meet Helen from Actually Mummy at the Mums Show Live on Friday and we had a bit of a chat about our daughter’s antics. I felt the need to assure her that I wasn’t making up anything Grace did at all! It was really lovely to meet you finally Helen :)

Last Tuesday we went to my niece’s birthday meal. As Grace and I were walking along hand in hand, we had a little discussion about me having another baby. ‘Muuum?’ Grace asked in her quizzical voice. ‘Yes, Grace?’ I queried. ‘Are you nearly at the age where you can’t have a baby?’  ‘No, not yet sweetie’ I replied. ‘Well,’ she responded ‘does it have to be your birthday and then you can’t have one after Saturday?’ ‘No darling, I’m still OK at the moment’ I answered. ‘Oh’ she said ‘Well do you have to be 45?’ ‘Yes, something like that’ I said.

Upon eating our meal in the restaurant for my nieces birthday, I was told by Grace ‘Mum, these potatoes are rank’!!

After returning from the Mums Show Live on Friday, I came back bearing 4 different flavours of fudge. Grace decided that we should each eat two pieces and then give our critique on them!  When it came to eating the Mango Fudge, her description of it was hilarious. ‘Well,’ she said ‘it is like the mango and the fudge collide together and it is half healthy, half not and it really doesn’t work for me’!

On Sunday morning we had plenty of food left over from the night before so for breakfast we had some dips, pitta bread, sausage rolls and mini scotch eggs. After sharing in all of this, Grace piped up ‘Can we have proper breakfast now?’

Finally, I shall leave you with the story of the choosing of my birthday card. Upon entering the shop after school on Friday evening, Ross informed me that Grace’s first choice was an 18th Birthday card. Ross suggested she might want to read it more closely, upon which Grace deciphered that it was for an 18 year old NOT a 42 year old. (Shame!). Then she picked another. ‘What about this?’ she asked Ross. ‘Grace, that says “It’s a Girl”, you can’t choose that one’ he said. ‘Well she is a girl!’ retorted Grace. Then she chose one with Bart Simpson on – again Ross rejected it. At last she chose one and whatever Ross did or said she was insistent on it and there would be no changing her mind. It was this:




 That’s my girl!!

Fancy joining in the funee with Actually Mummy? Just click on the badge to take you across.

Wot So Funee?

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