Wok This Way!

I for one can’t abide pans which everything stick to. Hate it! The worst culprit for this is scrambled egg…but I digress.

ProCook currently have an amazing array of pans to combat this very problem. And, to help overcome financial issues, they are currently offering 50% off of the High Street prices with a special web discount.  This is one place I would certainly buy a wok from.

Available in either black or silver, there is a pan here to suit most. The one that caught my eye was the New Gourmet Wok, priced at £26 (down from the High Street price of £52) which is currently in stock and offered with next day delivery. It holds stir frys and noodles for any healthy appetite at 28cm, is cast in lightweight aluminium which – and this is the science bit – is renowned for its fantastic even heat distribution (see, I told you!). It’s also coated with the ProCook non stick lining which, in their words, makes washing up a doddle. It has sloping sides and a domed self-basting lid. As an added bonus you won’t burn your fingers because it comes with a heat-resistant silicone handle!

Looking across their range, there is something here for everyone. They offer cookware, baking products, knives, tableware and and dining products. One of the best things is that because all their items have been designed and made exclusively for ProCook then they are so confident with the standard of their products that everything comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  I also note that many of the items have a 10 year guarantee on them too.

Whats not to love?!

The small print: Please note that I received monetary compensation for writing this post. However, all views expressed are my own and all words were written by me!

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