Ross Williams and The Hardcore Truth

Ross and I first met back in January 2011 through our love of drama and all things thespian (yes, I said thespian!). When we went for our first coffee together we spoke for nearly four hours and it seemed we had a mutual love of talking too. As well as all of that, we also have a mutual appreciation for writing, me with my blog and Ross with screenplays and books.

This year sees Ross’ first proper published book on our shelves, ‘The Hardcore Truth’, an autobiography about the wrestler Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly. Ross is a massive wrestling fan (we didn’t have a mutual love for this when we first met!) and he knows everything there is to know EVER about the sport. In fact, he even picks up the errors in timelines in the Wrestler’s biographies that he reads and explains why they can’t be! He is also a professionally trained wrestler and this is how he came to meet Bob.

Back in 2010, Ross had a wrestling match with Hardcore Holly where Ross came out the worst from their confrontation (by a considerable margain). I won’t go into too much detail as it is all there in the book for you. Ross and Bob stayed in touch and back in Spring 2011 they started discussing the possibility of writing Bob’s life story. Then, in Summer 2011, they signed a contract with ECW Press over in Canada to get the book written and published.

Ross started skyping with Bob on a regular basis, interviewing him about his life and all the behind the scene stories of  the wrestling industry. Each day I would get a snippet or chapter of what he had written. Up until this point my knowledge of the industry was limited but as I read each word that Ross had written my respect for Bob and the wrestling world grew. These guys put themselves through A LOT and whilst many people think that wrestling is all a Big Show (that’s Grace’s favourite wrestler dontcha know?!) I have come to realise just how much fitness, stamina and danger is involved.

Whether you are new to the wrestling industry or a lifelong lover of the sport, this book makes for a fascinating read. In one chapter Bob actually wrestles a bear! (yep, a real-life one!), there are stories about Vince McMahon, the chairman of the world leader in sports entertainment the WWE, Triple H, John Cena, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and the wrestlers who broke Bob’s neck and arm respectively, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle (yep, those really happened too!). There is also Bob’s perspective on the Benoit tragedy of 2007 and his recollection of the dark days that marked Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero’s passing.

The book is released on the 1st April in the USA and here on 9th May 2013, ironically the very day Ross himself will be reviewing a Mick Foley comedy gig in Reading!

I am really impressed with the book and what Bob and Ross have achieved. It was a rivetting read for me so I can only imagine how fascinating it will be for people who follow the wrestling industry properly.

‘The Hardcore Truth’ is available now for pre-order on Amazon here. For more information on Ross’ writing please vist his website.

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