When I Met Go West – A Magic Moment Post

When I Met Go West – A Magic Moment Post


Way back in 1985, I started a lifetime relationship of love and respect for Peter Cox and Richard Drummie, collectively known as Go West. Their song ‘We Close Our Eyes’ hardly left my turntable (yes, I remember – and miss! – vinyl!). Ever since then I have bought everything they have ever recorded, including Peter Cox’s solo ventures. When he entered our screens on ‘Reborn in the USA’ back in 2003 to replace Then Jericho’s Mark Shaw I was thrilled. My dream was to one day meet them and have a chat with them about their music.

Fast forward to May 2010. I had been through so much in the preceding years since I had Grace and left my ex and the fall out from our relationship had left me exhausted (I shall be detailing these events in a series of posts starting soon). I had just finalised a Court Case where I had studied Breach of Contract Law myself, prepared the court bundles and statements and then represented myself in Court to get money that my ex owed my from our joint property. I wondered if anything good was going to happen.

Little did I know what was around the corner.

I had come home to relax from the Court proceedings and on Facebook I noticed that free tickets were up for grabs for the Dine with Davina event over at Denbies Vineyard in Dorking two days later.  It was to be hosted by Davina McCall and Go West were special guests. I emailed for two tickets straight away and received a messageby return to say I was successful. To thank her for all her help, I decided to take my Mum.

On the morning, I picked up my Mum and we travelled the half hour journey to Dorking. Upon arrival we were taken into a huge and very beautiful glass-roofed conservatory. Firstly we were taken over to meet Davina and have our photo taken, then we looked at the table plan to locate our seats.

It was then I noticed a familiar figure. Peter Cox had entered the building. That was it, I built up my confidence in no time and almost dragged my Mum over to where he was standing. It felt surreal talking to someone I had always wanted to meet but, as I had guessed, he was absolutely lovely, a really easy-going all round pleasant chap to talk to. We spoke a little about song writing and Go West’s material. I had a couple of photos taken and let him about his business knowing a life-time ambition had been fulfilled.

Peter and Richard sat on the top table with Davina in a room full of over 100 women. We had a sumptuous lunch and there was a great auction for the Action Medical Research charity with some beautiful prizes. Before Davina did her speech, Richard Drummie had wandered over and I got a chance to chat to him about his fund-raising events.

Finally, once Davina had addressed us with her witty and entertaining speech – I sincerely remember her talking about how guilty Mums feel on a regular basis (yep, associate with that one!) – Go West put on a PA for the room. I was the closest I had ever been to them singing….ever! I’d seen them in concert a few times but this was a complete treat!

This was such a wonderful event for me. It came at a time when I really needed a pick-up and it seemed like someone, somewhere had gifted this to me to say ‘well done’ for what I had been through, how strong I had been and what I achieved.

This wasn’t the only time I have met Peter Cox. I was lucky enough to meet him again last December. The post about that is here. We are starting to feel like old mates now! 😉

I am linking this post up with Jaime over at The Olivers Madhouse and her Magic Moments.


  1. Fabulous! What a great memory, and sounds like it happened just when you needed it. I now have We Close Our Eyes on loop in my head :)

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time Victoria, thanks for letting us all share it with you, love the photo of you with Peter. xx

  3. Fantastic – wish I wasn’t as shy – still kicking myself about Marti Pellow – infact I might just link that up as once again I haven’t managed to write a new post.

    • I’m intrigued about Marti Pellow now! You need to spill woman!! (Oh and I used to live really near him when I was in Sunninghill) x

  4. Ahh, I was there too Victoria…and it was everything you describe, and more! The boys were lovely, and it was a truly memorable time x


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