Just In Case You Were Wondering…….

Just In Case You Were Wondering…….


If you’ve saw my Saturday Caption Post last week then you were probably wondering what on earth we were doing. Completely understandable really. Well, it’s a screen shot taken from a short film Ross and I did at the end of September last year.  ‘The Four Horsemen and Daphne’ was filmed by the company Motion Blurr and stars a number of professional actors.

It was Ross’ friend, Iain Burnside, who came up with the idea for this short and, after being on set, we all realised we had more than just a short film on our hands – we had an empire! The dynamic writing duo of Ross and Iain (who scarily have a very similar sense of humour – you have been warned!) are looking in advancing further with this fab idea, so watch out!

The release for ‘The Four Horseman and Daphne’ (you might recognise good, old Daph) is due on 31st March 2013. In the meantime, here’s a teaser for you……



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