Each Time You Go Away – Prose For Thought #Prose4T

Each Time You Go Away – Prose For Thought #Prose4T


Many thanks to my linkers, regulars and new, from last week. These were Jaime – and Beth – from The Olivers Madhouse, Livi from Mrs Teepot, Sarah from The Puffin Diaries, Helen from All At Sea and finally, new linker, Louise from A Strong Coffee..

This week I have written a poem about Grace. Yesterday morning she went off to her father’s and is staying with him until Saturday evening. I have to admit that I dislike it everytime she goes away. I try to keep busy and take my mind off where she is and what she is doing but I miss her until she returns. Before she left she was lying on the floor writing and, as I watched her the words of my poem came to mind so, I sat and wrote too. This sums up just some of my feelings.



Each Time You Go Away

Each time you go away, you take with me your heart

Hopeful you will have some fun, though I hate that we’re apart

I want for you to feel that you can spend time with your Dad

That he will treat you right, respectfully, be the Dad I never had

But isn’t that the reason I left him? Knowing what he’d do?

But how do I explain this to you knowing he’s a part of you?

This house is filled with echoes of the sounds that came before

I can’t wait for them to return when you walk back through the door

No need for bedtime stories or cuddles to soothe your woes

I hope that he takes care of you, if he does God only knows

But what this does is form you into the woman you will be

Thankful you will know right from wrong and not have what happened to me

© Victoria Welton  20th February 2013


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    • Thanks Livi, and no problem I completely understand! You sound like you’ve had a nightmare. Look forward to seeing your writing next week :) x

    • Thank you Sarah :). I agree – they are Happy Thursdays in the fact that we can express our emotions which is never a bad thing in my opinion xx


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