Park Life – a review of the new ‘Park Adventurers’ Game

Grace and I were recently invited by 1926, the specialist flooring company, to try out their new free downloadable, interactive outdoor kids game ‘Park Adventurers’.  This game includes trivia questions about nature and objects commonly found in parks and other open spaces.

As soon as I saw this I knew it was for Grace. I am more of a homebody and find taking her to the park a little bit of a bind if I’m honest – but she loves it! And I knew that if I had something to keep us occupied then I would enjoy it more too.

We downloaded the form and as soon as I did, I decided to print another six to keep in the cupboard for future use. The starting point asks you what season it is, so I intend to use another form when the seasons change, if not before. It would also be useful for when we visit Ross’ parents who live down in Dorset and would mean a whole different set of objects to find. It would change the whole outlook of the form.

So one day after school last week we decided to take a trip to the park and carry out the tasks. Grace was very excited about this when I told her, and came bounding out of school.  We drove to the park we love in Winkfield which we see every day on our way to and from school.

We took pens and crayons ready to take on our adventure. The first page asks you to look at the flora and fauna of the park. We collected a leaf and Grace surprised me by being aware that it was from an oak tree. We also managed to find an acorn which Grace also knew was from an oak tree but hadn’t realised it was their seeds. We then found the tallest tree in the park which Grace, for some reason, was hesitant about touching. I think she refused to tell me why for fear of looking silly! There is also a fascinating tip on how to assess a tree’s age.

Then you move on to the wildlife of the park. Grace saw a couple of birds and one squirrel but as the light was starting to fade, it wasn’t easy to see much else. She also counted two nests. We discussed how the acorn on our sheet would relate to the squirrel. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any feathers though!

As well as the game, once you have completed the tasks there is a badge on the site which you can copy the code for and put on your blog as well as printing off and making your own Park Adventurer medal.

Overall, this is a fantastic free download which I would be happy to use time and again when we visit different parks. It really puts another slant on visiting the park instead of just using it for the playground and I really enjoyed myself. It goes without saying that Grace did!

To get your free download of Park Adventurers please click here.


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