The Tots 100 Center Parcs Family Challenge – Our ‘World Soak Shute’

Over on the Tots 100 Website a different specialist from Center Parcs is setting a challenge each month for the next ten months starting from November. Each blogger who is registered with Tots 100 and turns their hand to the challenge will have the chance to become one of four wild card Center Parcs Family Bloggers AND win a family break to the Center Parcs of your choice (oh, yes please!). This months challenge celebrates the opening of the new Tropical Cyclone Water Ride at Center Parcs Elveden Forest and has been set by Sean, Chief ride tester in residence (also known as Pool Manager!). As our family are massive fans of Center Parcs, how could we resist?! To win a holiday there would be fantastic. To become one of their wild card bloggers? Well, our family would be over the moon!

So we sat down to watch the video of the new Tropical Cyclone Ride and it really inspired us. Grace and I both decided that we loved the rafts and the drops (her more than me I hasten to add!) and one of the things Grace wanted to know was whether you finished in a big pool or a small shute – she was really glad to see it was the latter. So, introducing our entry:


We decided we wanted a fun family ride that wouldn’t scare….well….me actually!! Grace wanted some excitement and Ross just wants to get wet!  We set about deciding what we wanted to call it. Originally called the Soak Shute (Shoot!), the rafts should be like the ones on the Tropical Cyclone (pictured) but come equipped with 4 water pistols, for each rider, with tubes going through the raft, drawing their water up from the slide itself. There is a purpose for these water pistols which shall become clear!

Egypt and it’s targets!

The aim (pun intended!) is to slide down small flumes into different areas of the world, for example Egypt – as shown in Grace’s picture. You would enter the area through a waterfall and onto a roundabout which would take the raft around scenes of that particular Country. But these are no ordinary scenes! Each statue (for example, in Egypt’s case it would be the Mummy and the Pyramids) would have small targets on for you to shoot your water pistols at. If you hit the targets then an action would happen, for example the Mummy would make a moaning noise or a sphinx would pop out of a pyramid. Once you have had an opportunity to shoot at the targets then you would move onto the next area of the World. Grace’s other picture depicts America with a cactus which, when you hit the target, shoots water out of its needles! There is also a cowboy on his horse, who falls off when you hit the target, a hat which sprays water at you and a water trough which tips over.

As well as the two Countries which Grace has drawn, we have decided to include Africa

America! Can you make the cowboy fall off?

which has loads of animals with targets including an elephant that sprays water at you from it’s trunk and meerkats that pop out of their holes, Australia with a jumping kangaroo and Great Britain with a squirting Big Ben.

The ride would end with a whole host of targets to hit on the faster flume down to the bottom to hit as bonus points! When you reach the finish line you would learn your score and then try and beat it the next time you ride.

This type of water ride is definitely one that we would go on time and again to see if we can keep beating our score. A ride for all the family to enjoy – and get EXTREMELY wet!

Grace is VERY keen as you can see from her photo in the bath this evening with goggles at the ready. And, as there are only three of us, she has her lifeguard doll at the ready to be the fourth passenger!




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