Girls Talk – A Wot So Funee Post

Wot So Funee?This week I have started to notice even more just how grown up Grace is becoming when she speaks to me. I have never spoken ‘baby talk’ to her, choosing instead to always speak to her as if she is an adult. If she doesn’t understand what I have said to her, then I will always explain it. As a result, her volcabulary is very extensive!

Last week, Ross started singing a song but found it a bit boring, Grace said to him ‘You need to sing it with feeling Ross!’. When we were travelling back from ice skating last Wednesday, I told her that if she would like I can drop her home and then go to the shop on my own. She responded with ‘What is my other option Mummy?’  Then on Thursday morning, Ross was discussing with Grace the fact that one of her nativity performances clashed with her ice skating lessons. Faced with making a decision, she told him that she would rather do her ice skating lesson. She then turned and said ‘Why don’t I just quit school and become an ice skater?’. Nice try!

A couple of months back, Ross was listening to Nicki Minaj whilst driving with Grace in the back of the car. He told her that it was a good job that Mum wasn’t there because she really doesn’t like her music.  Grace thought for a moment and then said ‘You will notice Ross that you are the only one in our household who likes her music!’

For a child of five years old, she really does come out with some adult phrases. It was when she was two and a half that she really astounded me though. She turned and called me ‘Baggy breeches’! Where on earth she got that from I don’t know!

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