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Over the last few years I have noticed a rapid decline in the Customer Serivce Industry, and it really is starting to bother me. Wherever you go or whoever you call, it seems to be the way of the world these days that things take forever to get done or, worse still, don’t get done at all. This past week was a prime example.

I have been with Vodafone for nearly twenty years and if that is not customer loyalty then I don’t know what is. For various reasons, I have had two telephone numbers with them for the last 5 years, but, I haven’t used the second number for over a year. To have the second number was not only pointless, but I really need the money at the moment. I believed that the fact that I am a loyal customer and paid them thousands of pounds over the years should count out the fact that I have a contract on this line until next July which I would have to pay a cancellation fee for.

The week before last I rang Vodafone to discuss this with them. After two phonecalls – the first time I got cut off! – I finally got through to Customer Service who, after some negotiation, said that they would discount the termination fee by 50%. This worked out cheaper than continuing paying until next July so I thanked them and agreed. They could not get me through to the payment team at that time so someone was due to call me back around 4pm.

Tuesday of last week I was still waiting for a call back so I decided to call them again. This time the queue was so long that I chose the option for them to call me back in around 10 minutes. They rang back, I waited in a small queue, got through, started to talk and got cut off. This happened twice. The third time I decided to wait in the normal queue. Eventually I got through dealt with three quarters of my enquiry. But, you’ve guessed it, I got cut off! The joke is that I was calling from my mobile, so was using Vodafone.

When I finally got back through, I did give the service rep, poor Yasmin, a real earful. I did apologise that she was the one getting the brunt of my infuriation but explained it all to her. I did comment that they were supposed to be a communications company and this really didn’t bode well. I advised that if I wasn’t tied into a contract with them, I would be long gone by now!

Vodafone aren’t the only poor supplier around right now. My biggest problem over the last year and a half has been BT. The problems with them are too numerous to mention but our contract with them ends at the beginning of January and it can’t come a moment too soon.

There are other poor service providers, which include: Wokingham Borough Council, Burger King, Royal Mail and Santander (although, they did redeem themselves).

If I gave a poor service then I would endanger the people I was teaching, besides I wouldn’t dream of it! This is why I work for myself and have noone to answer to, or vice versa.  At least  if something goes wrong then I only have myself to blame.

Do you have a customer service rant? Feel free to comment below!

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